Clivo Download

Version 2.5.2 Released (August 15, 2011)!

After a long hiatus, I have decided that since Clivo is still in widespread use that I will keep it updated, and bug-free for those who have purchased it. The current download features some bug fixes as well as template improvements, and ability to delete administrators. Please see the Changelog for more details.

On a side note, I am in heavy development of another web application that is similar to Clivo, but that has different functionality to that of Clivo. To clear up confusion, since it is a completely different application, if/when it is released, it will not be as an “update” to Clivo.


CLIVO is designed and developed for freelancers and small businesses to better manage their clients, invoices, transactions, payment methods, and general customer care. With multiple payment gateways, robust private messaging system, beautiful design interface, with the ability to management unlimited clients, invoices, projects, and payments and have full control over settings, makes Clivo THE CRM of choice among freelancers and small businesses.


  • Client Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Transactions Management
  • Projects Management with Image Tagging
  • Multiple Currencies: Yen, Australian, Franc, Euro, Pound, Dollar, Peso, and Polish Zloty
  • Multiple Languages support (For those interested, download the template file)
  • Complete control over emails and private messages
  • jQuery Powered
  • Personal Message System Client/Admin Interaction
  • Intuitive User Interface featuring ModalBox, Tooltips, Accordions, Faders and more
  • Personal Client Login Panel to Monitor Invoices, Payments, Projects, and Messages
  • Personalized Language/Theme Settings
  • Pagination
  • PayPal Payment Integration
  • Custom “Credits” Payment Integration (Custom named, so it can be ‘ABCredits’, ‘Points’, etc)
  • Authorize.NET Payment Integration
  • Full Control Over Email Notifications and Settings
  • Input Validation and Neat Error/Success Messages and More

Demos, Videos, and Information

mail() features are currently enabled, as is the ability to upload invoices and add administrators. You may add as many clients and administrators, but updating their account settings is disabled.

Links (Running Version 2.5.2)

Login (login/pass)

  • admin/test
  • john/test
  1. israhes:

    Excellent tool :)

    It has language files?

  2. israhes:

    Not just yet. Some of the messages are indeed customizable, like the pre-payment message, and new account creation. However, other things like the Menus on both the admin/client side are not yet available.

    Short answer is No. Long term answer: Yes.

  3. ElegantSeagulls:

    Very nice, well done!

  4. inglaur:

    I love this! – would you be willing to alter it for me and add some more features that I could use in my company?

    Let me know please!

  5. kevinsturf:

    Very nice, But can you make it with a projects display like add more fields such as website link etc.But the invoices part is good. Also If I buy this, you think If I design a different layout you can make it to work with this?

    Mostly for the client layout, admin panel not needed.

  6. webdesigndeluxe:

    Looks like someone deleted all the invoices. oops. This is nice though!

  7. ponjoh:

    Really cool! I may buy it if you add the ability to create online invoices (with paypal payment) instead of just PDFs.

  8. duellsy:

    Would be nice to have an area that clients can go to to download files like designs / proposals etc that I upload from the admin area.

  9. netdome:

    how about the recurring invoice?

  10. israhes:

    I already download it and I am currently working on the spanish translation :)

    Well Done!

    @kevinsturf: Its easy to edit if you know a little bit of php and CSS

  11. mashbourne:

    There is some really amazing stuff being produced here. I don’t see how this sort of thing is priced at only $15 though. This looks and feels like a $100 product to me.

    Really well done.

  12. bluemoonstudioFor:


    When messages are sent to the admin. by the client is a notification email sent to an administrator’s “real” email so the message post is noted.?


  13. siredesigns:

    A lot of messages and compliments, so let me get to them one by one.

    @ElegantSeagulls, thanks!

    @inglaur, Glad you like it! I could add some more features, as I’ll mention below. Certain features like language packs, pagination (of course), and possibly a projects and downloads/reviews tab for the client and admin to discuss projects and files. Those are all real possibilities that I will get to in the future, it’s just a matter of when.

    As far as custom altering of it goes, that is a real possibility. We’ll be in touch through email :-)

    @kevinsturf, thanks! Like I said above, I do plan to incorporate a Projects tab/display. This was a web app that satisfied the needs of a friends company (which ended up not needed it anyways, heh). Please do make your own contributions. If accepted, I’ll give a small bonus for your time. Go ahead and grab the static source code from the client panel and start CSSing away. The entire website is tableless and confirms to most CSS standards (the exceptions are the rounded corners).

    @webdesigndeluxe, thanks for letting me know about the invoices. I’m going to go ahead and reload the original state of the database.

    @ponjoh, Glad you like it! This is something I should clarify, so thank you for bringing it up. Currently, it is set to accept: .doc, .docx, .pages, .pdf, .rtf, and .txt. These settings can easily be changed by editing line 49 in includes/ Simply add whatever extension you like to the list, and you’re good to go.

    @duellsy, Good suggestion, like I said above this is something I’ll probably incorporate into the ‘Projects’ tab I plan to add in the future.

    @netdome, Great suggestion! Will keep that in mind for Version 2.

    @israhes, Thanks for downloading it and working with it! When I release a language version, I hope you’ll be around for the Spanish translation :-)

    @mashbourne, Thanks. Originally it was priced at $12.00. I asked for it to not be sold for less than a certain amount, but was told the max for PHP Scripts was $12.00. I thank ThemeForest for realizing the value of Clivo and boosting the price up a bit.

    @blumoonstudioFor, When messages are sent to an administrator or client that email or client is not informed via their real email of having a new message. They currently only receive notifications of Payments received, not Messages. There are so many settings I want to give the administrator, but I didn’t want them to get confused. I think I am going to have to work out a TAB feature within the Settings link for ‘Notifications’, ‘Payment Methods’, ‘Misc’, etc. Thanks for the suggestion, definitely something I will try to incorporate in the next version.

    @To Everyone, thanks for taking the time to look at Clivo. I’m updating the databases with fresh data. Cheers,

    -Tommy M.

  14. microz:

    thanks, its possible translate?

  15. siredesigns:

    @Lovecoredesigns, thanks for the compliments! I can’t believe it, but currently it does not email the client when an invoice is generated for them. I am no sure why I didn’t set that up, and thanks for pointing it out. I’ll be releasing Version 1.1 by July 16th to address that issue.

    @microz, it’s certainly possible to translate! israhes has a great Spanish start. I’ll be talking to him when the time comes to allow for multiple translations. Look for a language compatible version by August 15th, no later. Updating will be as easy as installing.

  16. gr8:

    this shit is dope! bookmarked! hope all the suggestions are implemented in a near future update.

  17. microz:


  18. iProThemes:

    I’d buy that rightaway with the highest licence option if it just had a few more features like :

    - file uploads, commenting on them - checklists / to-dos.

    But that would make this into basecamp lol. Anyways I’m signing up on the rss feed of the theme to see if you add anything new=)

    Great job!

  19. siredesigns:

    @gr8, thanks for the compliments! Glad to see my work helping people :-)

    @microz, No problem, thank you for purchasing!

    @onuro, Originally, I wanted a basecamp, haha. I hate being “tied” to a monthly service which becomes harder to leave the longer you’re with it. I wanted a simple pay-once solution.

    However, look for projects with file uploading/commenting by July 30th… :-)

  20. mashbourne:

    If even a few of those features people are mentioning go in I will have to buy this!

    The reason I was impressed with the $15 price was that there are many services out there offering similar stuff to this that cost $20+ a month. I don’t know php but this system just feels like more then $15 worth of code to me. Nice of them to bump it up those extra three dollars for you. :/

  21. gr8:

    I just couldn’t wait any longer. I had to get it! Waiting for more updates and more features. Great work siredesigns. I am a Great fan!

  22. siredesigns:

    @mashbourne, Looking forward to having you as a prospective buyer :) Yeah, like I said in the comment above yours, I hate pay-by-the-month services. My alternative to simple CRM ’s that all have the same pricing structure was to simply make my own. I’m happy with how it turned out. I do wish the price could reflect the value, but perhaps after I integrate a few more features, then we’ll be good to go!

    @gr8, Thanks for buying! Updates will come, along with great features. Projects is a definite add-on, as I am receiving tons of requests to do so.

  23. Ruben-RY:

    On thing I am missing is tax. In the netherlands you must mention tax and tax number, otherwise it can’t be used.

    But for the rest it’s a great system. I have already bought another one, but if it’s up to me both scripts should be merged to one, but that won’t be done of course.

  24. navneetk:

    If I buy now, I am sure I will get free upgrade to newer version?

  25. siredesigns:

    @Ruben-RY, The tax and tax number can be included in the actually invoice that you upload (whether it be pdf, doc, txt, excel, etc.) and can be viewed when the purchaser/client clicks on ‘View Invoice’. Would that suffice? If not, I can custom add that for you for a minimal fee.

    @Navneetk, that is correct. I am working on the next version as I right this actually, and it’s moving ahead very smoothly!

  26. netdome:

    to siredesigns. Just to remind: don’t forget about recurring billing :)

  27. Ruben-RY:

    Okay that will do I think. But I will first take a close look at the one I already bought and yours. It really is a difficult choice, because both systems have functions I really like, but since I just start it’s still possible to migrate to another system.

    So I will think about it ;)

  28. bundyflavour:

    You could add the possibility to change the language and it would be a best selling file. Bookmarked it and hope you add this feature.

    Good work

  29. siredesigns:

    @netdome, I won’t forget! I have been doing research on it the past hour, trying to figure out the best way to do it. Cron looks like it’s a winner, although perhaps we can have a manual one as well—but perhaps that would defeat the purpose.

    @Ruben-RY, No problem! Take your time.

    @Bundyfalvour, If you had the choice between a ‘Projects’ tab and Language management by July 30th, which would you choose? Not a trick question at all! I am simply trying to gauge support for one feature over the other. Thanks!

  30. HannahWarmbier:

    Definitely considering purchasing this. I’m liking what I hear about the Projects section- file sharing and project completion status are things I’d like to see. I’m also psyched for recurring billing. Also, a feature to consider for the future is a ticketing system. If you’re going to implement the project section and recurring billing soon, I’ll probably just buy the script now and upgrade when 2.0 comes out. :)

    Also, FYI , I got an unexpected variable error in the add clients page in the admin demo.

  31. midwestkel:

    If you can make it do the following I will buy it.

    1) Ability to add line items and the cost of each one. 2) Add discounts to items or full invoice. 3) Have it automatically generate a PDF of the invoice. 4) Have a payment section that says By Check with address and checkbox to say payment was mailed out by check.

    Great software though. I would also pay more if these things were implemented.

  32. Ruben-RY:

    I just bought it, but still haven’t decide which one to use lol. But I digg midwestkel’s idea 1, 2 and 3 :) My request below are often similar as is already said but I will order then on importance: 1. Language files: A must have for people outside the USA , UK etc. 2. Adding websites and projects to users 3. custom fields for users, websitse and projects to save information or reminders when a date is selected for e.g. when one has to pay recurring webhost costs and to save ftp and password information. Because all those different passwords are easier to manage from one place. 4. Payment done by the client via normal money transfer were you can just add you bank nr., name and bank so they can do the payment by them self. This still proves to be the best way if you don’t want to pay paypal for their service and in the Netherlands only 1/4 of the people have a credit card which they rarely use. I haven’t seen a check in years so I don’t have to explain why Midwestkel’s point 4 is not interesting for me. 5. Midwestkel’s points.

    In case you don’t want to focus on web design/developers specifically or when some functions are for different types of people then maybe you can make an add on for point 3 and other features and maybe even sell them separately as add on? Or you add everything and have a panel with features and checkboxes where you can enable or disable features? That would be awesome.

    By the way, if you support language files, I support you with the Dutch translation of Clivo.

  33. mrbromley:

    Great looking script. Just a quick question though: When Paying with PayPal the client still has to use the ‘make account & pay’ method. Is there a chance you could integrate ‘PayPal Standard’ so that clients can just use their credit card without signing up.

    I vote for the Projects section first in terms of Dev. time allocation – Both Clients and Admin should be able to upload files, these should be previewed in-line within the comments.

    The image below is a mock I made for the UI of my Ultimate Project Manager, this is the File/Comments Page.

    Top Left Video/Images/Flash are displayed as large preview. Top Right is a list of comments attached to that particular image. Bottom Right is the ‘add new comment’ field. Bottom Left is a preview window of all the files uploaded for that client/project or folder.

    If you think about how you normally talk to a client about a design you don’t really want nested comments you want a fluid conversation centred around the image in question.

    Just my 2 cents!

  34. siredesigns:

    @HannahWarmbier, Thanks for the compliments! I hope to get the Projects section up quickly, as well as recurring billing. You can purchase now or later, totally up to you.

    @midwestkel, Thanks for some great suggestions. I’ll discuss them one by one: 1.) This would change the original intent of Clivo. Originally, it was for a small company that created invoices using excel or word docs, and wants to send them out and give Clients the ability to say past/current invoices. Having the ability to actually create an invoice on the spot with given line items is a neat feature. I can see in my head how it could work, but at the moment that will be at least one month away. 2) This would coincide with point 1, since right now the Invoice uploaded should include those discounts, tax information, line items, etc. 3) This would work great when applied to above features. 4) Great idea. I’ll have to implement that in Version 2.0. Currently, you can edit an invoice manually by going to ‘Edit Invoice’ and selecting ‘Mark as Paid’. I am going to add a text field for the user to input what method was used, whether it was by Check, Money Transfer, Cash, etc.

    @mrbromley, Currently if you pay through Paypal, you don’t have to have an account already. I tested this with a live version of the site, and plugged my credit card in. I love the interface you created. I will certainly use that as inspiration when creating the ‘Projects’ section.

    Thanks for all the compliments, advice and suggestions. I’ll be working hard for Version 2.0.

  35. gr8:

    Thanks for the quick release of the update. I sent you an email with my gmail account. Kindly send me the updated file. Thanks.

  36. gr8:


  37. gr8:

    Thanks for the updated file. Quick reply. Gr8 customer service.

  38. gradedlabs:

    If I purchase this version does it include upgraded versions as well in that price or do I have to re-purchase when Version 2.0 comes out?

  39. laminbarrow:

    I will buy this item when you integrate it with the MooneyBookers payment service. I am based in Africa and paypal is no good for us. Great script. :D

  40. siredesigns:

    @gradedlabs, If you purchase it now, you will get the most updated version and free access to all the other updates. Pay once, you get it completely till ThemeForest no longer supports it.

    @laminbarrow, That seems like a good idea for the future, especially to allow more more people to use Clivo. Thanks for the suggestion, I will keep it seriously in mind.

  41. nfb1204:

    How hard would it be to have in the sidebar, when or a tab in the client area where they can download thing. Like pdf files, or zips

  42. siredesigns:

    @nfb1204, Not hard at all. This is something I am going to implement in Version 2.0. Here’s how it will work:

    - Admin creates a Project for a Client. - Clients upload his files, Admins upload his files, discussion ensues. - Admin marks Project as completed.

    Additionally, You will be able to track and assign invoices to specific Projects. I am currently using mrbromley’s interface design for the Projects section. However, I am wondering the best way to display zips and pdfs, not just images.

  43. fattuna:

    I would definatly buy this but need a recurring payment system for hosting. Is this something you are looking into? As if you are I will keep it on my watch list.


  44. microz:

    could add the payment method “bank transfer” to show the details of the account only


  45. siredesigns:

    @fattuna, I am definitely working to get recurring invoicing on by August 30th. At the moment, it looks like it’ll have to be done via ‘cron’, which I dislike because each user must set it up manually from SSH or their cPanel. If they’re on shared hosting, they might not be able to at all, which would totally stink. If anyone has any suggestions or workaround do shoot me a message.

  46. Ruben-RY:

    I see you are looking for translators. I would be glad to support you with the Dutch translation. Just drop me a mail to ruben-ry at live dot nl.

  47. Bukoman:

    Just looking at this script and playing with the test accounts, this is a really awesome client management tool! We just finished developing our own, but wow it would have been nice to have this available sooner, really top notch work.

    I can’t wait to see where further development takes this, I could see it replacing ours in time!

  48. siredesigns:

    @Ruben-RY, I’ll be contacting you within a week about the translation :-)

    @Bukoman, Thanks for the compliments! Version 2.0 I’m sure will impress :-). And for $15.00, it won’t be too hard to make the switch if you do decide to switch. In the meantime, I hope your application works great!

  49. coupdegrace:

    Hi, in the second version will you clean up the code? I gave this a try and it’s very useful with great functionality, but I found that there was a lot of repeating code in many of the pages. There’s even two separate css folders between the client and admin when there could be one.

    I had to go into each file and repetitively copy and paste code into each. It was really tedious. Why can’t there be a master file? (i.e. header.php/footer.php) I also changed the ‘includes’ folder name to ‘inc’ and had to go into each page and reconnect them. Can you do something where I could specify the folder name in the config file? Please?

    Don’t get me wrong… this is awesome and convenient! I just wish it were convenient for the people working on it from the inside. Thanks.

  50. siredesigns:

    @coupdegrace, Thanks for the suggestions! As I work on it right now, I am have definitely cleaned up the code. The next version I am not even going to bother to mention which files were changed, as at the moment every file has changed. I’ll try to optimize some redundant code into includes. Currently, all images (some repeating) will be in one folder along with all the javascript used on the site. My goal was to get the functional part out there, then never release a version bigger than the one before it.

    Combining the CSS into one big master CSS file might be a problem. The Admin CSS is almost 800 lines long. It is compressed somewhat, but I do not want to combine both CSS ’s into a 1200+ line file. I will definitely heed your advice on the Includes though.

    Thanks for taking the time to look under the hood. That’s a check I need to have! :-)

  51. Polka:

    hi, Great work

    Also have to enable register and option of choose products or bills to pay for now, only is carried out from the administrator

  52. israhes:

    If I purchased the 1.0 version… Do I have privilege to download version 2 ?

  53. nfb1204:

    Is it possible to have a “place order” form where they fill in a form to email admin, but it stays in there admin under “requests” or something. Maybe a way to view previous projects from client side.

  54. siredesigns:

    @israhes, Absolutely! It’ll be out in a 10 days. I’ll also be emailing you soon to ask if you can translate into Spanish. Don’t worry, the translation will be easy :-)

    @nfb1204, That’s an interesting feature I’ll have to think about. Right now, the ‘Messages’ ability might suffice. As far as the projects go, that is definitely going to be implemented. Stick around a bit and come back July 30th for Version 2!

  55. midwestkel:

    @siredesigns Thanks for looking at my feedback. I currently do create my invoices in Word then mail them to the client. It’s extra steps for me to then create a general invoice and upload a PDF for this to work that’s why I was suggesting the you can create the invoice in the program and it creates a PDF .

    I am just looking for a more streamlined way to bill my clients. I’ll keep watching this software though.

  56. siredesigns:

    @midwestkel, sounds good! What I could do (In fact, maybe should do) is automatically convert whatever the user uploads to a PDF . Once I get multi-language up and the Projects page going, I’ll give it more thought and potentially implement it in another version. Thanks again!

  57. WebStormUK:

    Will 2.0 be a paid upgrade if i buy this script now?

  58. nfb1204:

    Thank you for answering questions so quickly. This is a very good tool and I will be purchasing it. So nice that you take into account requests and not backdoor charge like some other people on here.

    Good luck!

  59. siredesigns:

    @WebStormUK, It will be just like any other upgrade to this script. You won’t have to pay for Version 2.

    @nfb1204, Thanks for the compliments. I am busy working on the Projects tab as I write this comment and am making great headway. I have already eliminated over 500kb of space by code/image optimizing. Like I said above, I hope to never release a version bigger than any of the previous versions.

  60. WebStormUK:

    Thanks for the response. Is it possible to add an option to the payment section for bank transfer. This will allow the customer to select they are going to pay via bank transfer and select how much as a reference?

    Would this be possible to add? As this is normal method of payment from clients.


  61. siredesigns:

    @WebStormUK, That’s a good point. I am going to add a field where the client can make a request saying the payment was made, the the admin can confirm it on the Admin end, and mark as paid. I’ll try to include this very soon. Currently, I am banging my head over adding a great feature for the ‘Projects’ tab! :-)

  62. oakline:

    I’d like to compliment you on your work and on your quick responses to user feedback. It’s nice to see a developer investing so much time and hard work in his product. I will be purchasing this as soon as Version 2 is released, and I will be recommending this to others as well.

  63. Kekock:


    i can do the translation in german language, if you want, drop me a message.


  64. Swanniep:

    awesome. Bookmarked! Can’t wait for ver 2.

  65. WebStormUK:

    Thanks sire, ill be purchasing this soon :)

  66. microz:


    i have problem in admin/setting, attempt to edit any field and not write mysql, remains the same.

    The only way to modify it directly in mysql.

    clivo 1.1


  67. WhoDo:

    Does anyone know if this product have the ability to process credit cards without using PayPal or I have a credit card processing company that I use and only need to capture credit card information. I want to be able to process them later, off-line and not in real time.


  68. siredesigns:

    @oakline, Thanks for the compliments and your willingness to purchase Version 2.0. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks for recommending it as well!

    @kekock, I will be sending you the language file within a week. If you can translate it, great! Thanks for offering :-)

    @Swanniep, Thanks for bookmarking. Version 2.0 is coming along very nicely, and like I said above, you won’t be disapointed!

    @WebStormUK, Glad to hear that!

    @microz, That is an odd error. Are you getting a success/error message when you submit he information? And are you experiencing this error on both the Admin and Settings page? No one has mentioned this before. Version 2.0 is being released in 4-5 days. Email me at and I’ll email you the update immediately upon completion.

    @WhoDo, Currently there is no offline option. However, this is in the works for Version 2.1 – Release date August 15th.

    To everyone else, Project 2 is looking great. I know there is another similar client/invoice/project management system on Trust me when I say Version 2.0 goes above and beyond while maintaining the simplicity, maintainability, and features of Clivo. Simply put, Clivo 2.0 is the endgame. Stick around.

  69. mn621:

    Just great stuff. I could do myself, but just saved me time. Beautifully designed anyway. Carry on t.g.w.

    Just purchased it.

  70. bundyflavour:

    Is there any way to add more payment systems ?

  71. tbroyles:

    This is an incredible script!!! Thank you so much for the time and effort. I will be purchasing v2.

    Am I missing something here?

    Is their a front end order system to this for my website?

    Can a user register on my website or do I need to create the user and pass and user details for them?

  72. siredesigns:

    @mn621, Thanks for purchasing it, and glad you like the script! I am sure you’ll enjoy Version 2 as well!

    @bundyflavour, If you are familiar with PHP /MySQL, you can edit the “view.php” and “process.php” files on your own and add whatever method you like. However, go ahead and make a suggestion for what additional payment system and perhaps I can add it in the future.

    @tbyoyles, Thanks for the compliments! Their is no front-end order system for Clivo. There is a front-end client panel where they can view current invoices, messages, payments and, soon, projects. You need to create the client from the administration panel. Upon client creation they are emailed a welcome message along with client credentials.

  73. Angust:

    how easy is currency and locations (for those not in the US) to change?

  74. siredesigns:

    @Angust, Currently, there is not support for multiple currency. This is something I am currently working on though. Will it be out for Version 2.0? I hope so!

  75. tbroyles:

    Do you have plans of adding a front end signup form, where the user would be able to signup on a webpage and it auto add to the DB?

    Would this be a big/difficult thing to create?

  76. siredesigns:

    @tbroyles, This is the third request I’ve had to add this feature (Third times a charm). It wouldn’t be too difficult to create at all actually. I will add that in the version to be released after Version 2.0 is out. So lets look at August 15th as the release date.

    I would add a simple PHP include script to automatically read in the register form, hit submit sends an email to Client and Administrator of the newly created account. Obviously a CAPTCHA test will be implemented.

  77. nashh:

    sire, still planning to release soon? i appreciate your hard work!

  78. oakline:

    I believe the sire is releasing Version 2.0 on the 30th. The countdown is on!

  79. microz:

    30th 2.0 =D

  80. siredesigns:

    @nashh, #oakline, @microz, I updated the Description for Clivo with a news update. Sadly, I took on more than I could chew. However, I am going to work all day on it again today and try to get a release out. I apologize for the extra wait, but hopefully you will think it was worth it! :-)

  81. reflecs:

    I can help you with the Swedish translation. If you want, drop me a line at

  82. tbroyles:

    On the payment section under the credit card payments, you might want to add a “Name on Card” field.

  83. HostPenguin:

    Any chance to have a build in order form for potential clients to order from?

  84. thomasall:

    A “front end” order form would be great. With options “existing customer” or “new customer”.

  85. drexmaster:

    Hello… Im very interesting in the newer version…. When? Thanks a lot. =)

  86. siredesigns:

    @reflecs, Thanks for the offer! We will be in touch :-)

    @tbroyels, The “name on card” is actually the First and Last name labels. It is concatenated when processed. But perhaps your suggestion is more intuitive. Thanks!

    @HostPenguin, This is not exactly a shopping cart where Clients “order” items. It is used to management invoices, clients, messages, and projects. However, perhaps what oyu mean is have a client request a project? This is something that might be done already through the ‘Messages’ tab. Would that suffice? If not, shoot me an email at witha a further explanation.

    @thomasall, ditto above :-)

    @drexmaster, It is set to be released later today (2AM where I am right now). I was at the beach on vacation the past three days, and have been working on it ever since I got home. I am still aiming to make the deadline of today. Stay tuned and keep looking for updated news today!

    Bed time for me so I can get a fresh start finishing up Version 2.0 tomorrow morning. Thanks to the recent purchasers!

  87. siredesigns:

    @everyone, Hey guys! I am almost complete. I am just fixing a few small formatting issues with the Client side of the ‘Projects’ tab. I’ll be submitting a file upload tomorrow. If you have already purchased Clivo, send me an email at and I will send you the new version via email. Please prove that you have purchased the product by posting on this comments thread and by sending me a private message through my profile link. As for the languages, I will be sending them to those who volunlteered their multi-lingual expertise later tonight-early tomorrow morning. I will post the language files on here so you can integrate them directly with your Clivo installation.

    Cheers! You guys are gonna love it!

  88. Enru_Chem:

    Hello Sire, I was wondering about putting an option to send out a mass reminder to all outstanding payments? Is it possible sir?

    Thanks, also, I’d love to have v2.0! I’m sending you an email now.


  89. dangerduck:

    I purchased 1.0 and emailed you for the 2.0 upgrade, I can’t wait!

  90. rembot:

    Is it 9 PM EST yet? Anxiously awaiting the update.

  91. siredesigns:

    @everyone, Please read the most recent news release. If you are too lazy, here’s a summation: Clivo 2.0 is finished, and is being added to the PHP Scripts Queue. For those who have purchased 1.0 and want this version immediately, please allow a little more time so I can put together a Upgrade tutorial from 1.0 to 2.0. Expect it later this evening. Cheers!

  92. dangerduck:

    N.M.B. I purchased Clivo v1 and sent you and e-mail last night… Can you send me Clivo 2


  93. bundyflavour:

    Add multiple currencies for those outside US please !!! Waiting to see the 2.0.

  94. thomasall:

    Just purchased Clivo.. Really looking forward to incorporating it into my website.

    Can you also send me the v.2 ?

  95. siredesigns:

    @bundyflavour, I added multiple currencies into v 2.0 :-)

    @thomasall, Shoot me a personal message via my profile page and I’ll email you the update.

  96. holder10:

    Could you update the demo as well, please?

  97. webwalker:

    Can’t wait for the demo to be live,

    looking forward to this. I’ve purposefully put of buying another system in the hope that this does it all!

    Fingers crossed

  98. tbroyles:

    Any ideas when 2.0 demo will be live? hours? days?

  99. microz:

    patience guys, i think that is doing its utmost, is a great job the version 2.0 :p

  100. rembot:

    Can’t wait to download it! :) Good work!

  101. nashh:

    woohoo been waiting for this one!

  102. oakline:

    Is it possible to integrate a lightbox script, or perhaps an alternative like Bumpbox (, to open the invoice pdf within the invoice window? I see the invoice link in view.php has a “button” class, and for these lightbox scripts to function you typically need to add a class to your link. Any thoughts?

  103. siredesigns:

    A lot of messages! Let met tackle them one by one.

    @holder10 and tbroyles, I just upgraded the Demo versions, both of them. Upgrading from v 1.0 and 1.1 is much easier than I thought! Currently mail() is enabled as well as invoice upload. Go ahead and create a test client with your email account and see how it works!

    @rembot, Thanks for your compliments! I am releasing a small update today to fix some minor language capability error, as well as a few other improvements.

    @nashh, And it has finally arrived :-)

    @oakline, I like the idea of integrating a lightbox effect to view the invoice. I will have to look into this a bit more. The reason being is that users can upload a .doc as an invoice, and I would have to make sure everything displays currectly regardless of how the user adds an invoice.

  104. siredesigns:

    Just uploaded Clivo v 2.1. Check out the item description above or review the changelog. I also included a quick video introduction to new features of Clivo 2.0+. Check it out!

    Additionally for those who want to update form Clivo 1.0 or 1.1, check out the “Update” section in the description as well.


  105. oakline:

    Thank you for your reply. Also, how do I obtain the update?

  106. njvan:

    This looks like a great script, siredesigns! Is it easy enough to customise? I would need to add $AUD.

  107. e4girl:

    Hello! Looks pretty good! Can you tell me what it requires to run? Is it easy to setup? Thanks!

  108. oakline:

    Sorry, ignore last comment. I realized I could get the update from my downloads page.

  109. siredesigns:

    @oakline, Glad you solved your dilemma!

    @njvan, AUD ? I can add that in the next version for sure. Look for it in two days max. In answer to your question, yes, I think it’s easy to customize (then again, I created it sooo… yeah. But, if it’s just a currency you want to add, simply open “addinvoice.php” and edit that field where Currency is labeled. Or, like, I said, simply wait two days and I’ll come out with v 2.2.

    @e4girl, The installation is probably hte most surprising, unsung “hero”, part of the whole installation process. It’s a simple installation just like Joomla or Drupal. It askss for Database credentials and connects. Once it does that, you’re good to go and automatically setup! If you need a quick demo, shoot me an email at and I’ll put together a small video for you.

  110. e4girl:

    Hi! I get this error when installing Clivo:

    Warning: mail() [function.mail]: “sendmail_from” not set in php.ini or custom “From:” header missing in C:\Xampp\htdocs\Xampp\clivo\install.php on line 439

    If I ignore it, I can still login & add clients but I get this error when I try to login as a client & view My Account>

    Parse error: parse error in C:\Xampp\htdocs\Xampp\clivo\myaccount.php on line 188

    Not sure if the 2 are related. Can someone help?

    As a side note, I’m running mercury as a mail server & I can receive & send mail.


  111. e4girl:

    I responded to this below, but just for those reading, this is an error in unique to version 2.1. Download version 2.1.1 for the corrected version.


    Tommy M.

  112. e4girl:

    Thanks! Great product by the way!

  113. e4girl:

    Side note: I resetup Clivo on a webhost instead of my localhost & I no longer get the mail error message. I still get the other message though.

  114. siredesigns:

    @e4girl, You are right about the myaccount.php page. I did a mass find/replace when I had to add that one line of meta code to allow for multiple languages. I choose expediency over assurance, and missed adding one “}” bracket to that page.

    If you want to fix it right now, simply add a right bracket ( } ) to myaccount.php on line 26.

    Or you can wait for this version to be fixed, I am updating it right now and should be uploaded by later tonight.

    Thanks for finding that!

  115. microz:

    would be good to change the date of projects, to add old projects


  116. siredesigns:

    @microz, When I was coding it I was thinking the same thing. I actually manually changed it to set the date automatically, however I think I will incorporate this feature as well. Thanks for the suggestion!

  117. rembot:

    I have downloaded 2.1.1 – when I run the install, the screen is very bland, looks like it is missing the css etc. Even after the install it seems to be like this.

  118. rembot:

    Thanks for pointing this out, just replaced the File. I was working on multiple themes and seems that I copied over the wrong CSS folder.

    Shoot me an email at and I’ll get it to you immediately.

  119. raindi:

    I have problem with login “admin/settings.php” as I was awere I am trying Login: admin Password: adminpass but it does not work would you be so kind to help me whith this problem.

  120. raindi:

    Sure! Shoot me a message at along with the error message you are receiving and we’ll get to the bottom of it.

  121. Mariche:

    Sire, I have been using this for a few months now and I just upgraded to the latest version 2.1.1. Now when I am trying to add a invoice I receive the following error.

    Warning: Missing argument 2 for validate_ext(), called in “my_site_root”/admin/addinvoice.php on line 189 and defined in “my_site_root”/includes/ on line 48

    Followed by: Incomplete submission

    Some of the fields were not filled out correctly. Please double check and try again.

    In the error box.

    I am filling out every field on the new invoice form. It also seems that the system is not emailing clients anymore as well upon client creation. Thanks for any help you have.

  122. mamjed:

    it would be awesome if you could make a online invoice creator and build it in. a good model is invoicemachine

  123. tbroyles:

    Version 2.5 should include the front end user form to create an account. That would make a huge difference and help you win!

  124. siredesigns:

    @Mariche, Just fixed this error. File download is in queue, labeled Clivo 2.1.2. Thanks for spotting it, and for purchasing Clivo :-)

    @mamjed, I am looking into this as a matter of fact. Invoice Machine was a semi-inspiration for some GUI features, and I am looking to incorporate additional features that Invoice Machine, Ronin, Freshbooks, and other Invoicing Applications currently have. Stick around in September, and perhaps I’ll be finished with an add-on by then. Cheers!

  125. raindi:

    I could not login with “Login: admin Password: adminpass” Is there something I am doing wrong?

  126. raindi:

    I sent you an email with instructions. I just installed this most recent version and testing it and it works swell.

  127. raindi:

    Clivo 2.0 has been successfully installed and after installetion I have informed that my Credentials Are: Login: admin Password: adminpass but when I am trying this paramerer it does not login successfully.

  128. marquisuk:

    it has lots of error, how do i get a refund?


    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_ECHO in \editinvoice.php on line 211

  129. marquisuk:

    For a series of about 4-5 hours there was a version of 2.1-2.1.1 that was missing a few files. The version uploaded now is error free and should work perfectly fine. (It’s the exact same installation, line for line, as the Demos.) However, I sent you a message in case you still have further problems.

  130. raindi:

    Can anyone halp why this error show up “Warning: Missing argument 2 for validate_ext(), called in /usr/home/grlge/public_html/admin/addinvoice.php on line 189 and defined in /usr/home/grlge/public_html/includes/ on line 48” ? ...?? ? and how it correct.

  131. raindi:

    My reply to marquisuk dealt with this very same issue.

    Are you still using the old version? I sent you an email yesterday about installing this latest version and updating. If you check the Clivo Description News section you’ll see this was an error in a previous version. It has since been fixed in the currently uploaded version.

    If you need further support, please send me an email at


  132. drexmaster:

    This 13 August the version 2,5 ????

  133. siredesigns:

    @drexmaster, Yep. This August 13th. You’ll be able to customize themes to your liking.

  134. microz:

    1. could be that when a client sends a message, Clive notifies the mail to administrator.

    2. I can upgrade from 2.1.1 to 2.5?

    3. new words in the language file?

    thanks, eduardo

  135. manamedia:

    Hmm, siredesigns, your demos are showing “includes” errors. Have been waiting for this release.

    Look forward to seeing a full working version to test.

  136. marquisuk:

    hi, this is very badly coded and has many errors :( please refund my purchase as i cannot use this file.

  137. siredesigns:

    Lots of responses, let me respond one by one.

    @microz, 1. That’s a good idea, I’ll look into that for the future. 2. Yes you can! The upgrade will be seamless and simple. 3. What do you mean by the “new words int he language” file? It will be updated with a new section in the language file to accommodate for version 2.5. However, I will post in the changelog if there are any changes made.

    @manamedia, I give those who want to demo the program COMPLETE control over the demos, as if it was a fresh installation. Sadly, when I do this, some people change the language file from “English” to another language. Someone changed the Universal Language to “Dutch”, which currently no one has contributed yet. The only currently created language file created is English, and I am waiting on retrieving the others. Clivo is multiple-languages capable, but I don’t know Dutch, Polish, German, and Spanish, so I rely on this community to provide these. I have included a template template on the Description section above.

    @marquisuk, I am more sad that you are unhappy with your purchase than I am perplexed at why you do not want to upgrade to the working stable release. I sent you multiple messages requesting that you upgrade to the most recent version, which fixed the errors you pointed out. I responded to this in the post above.

    As far as it being “poorly coded”, I completely disagree, as I am sure the other 46 purchases will as well. This is a fully OOP application that focuses on minimizing queries and simplicity while maintaining speed (View the bottom of the View Source of any loaded page to see this), integrity, security, and an intuitive and intelligent interface. If you do not want to upgrade to the current version, which fixes the errors you are experiencing, then Clivo will continue to look poorly and not work the way intended. I sent you a message earlier this afternoon regarding any refund you demand, but have not heard back from you.

    For all my current purchasers and potential buyers, I offer full customer support (and have stayed true to this promise) via and respond within 5 hours most of the time.

  138. ajatwood:

    Why a refund ? Cheap cost for an open code script and its very easy to edit and make changes. which I have done several times, including removing the PDF invoice from create invoice and permalink with no errors and I am no php guru. The simple questions or errors I did have were resolved via email.

    $15.00 is a great deal for an invoicing program with support and easy to edit. Much better than paying that much per-month for somthing that breaks when you edit smarty templates or add tables.

  139. rembot:

    Agree with @ajatwood. I had some small problems with 2.1.1 but they were solved incredibly quickly! I am impressed by both the service ad value.

    Thanks for an enjoyable experience. Can’t wait for 2.5.

  140. dtbaker:

    pssst.. if you’re going to re-do the language thing in a future version, an easier way than “define()” could be:

    <?php echo _lang("Please click here"); ?>

    the _lang function would lookup a dictionary file for that string in the current language, if it can’t find that string in the current language, then it still has a default value (english) to spit out.

    this could make adding new text easier than having to define() each and every string. just a little something I picked up on a multi-lang app a few years ago.

    the dictionary could be in a database, or a simple array like this:

       “Please click here” => “Blah blah translation”,
       “More info” => “Some Translation”,

    keep up the good work, this one has a good chance of winning the comp.

  141. siredesigns:

    @ajatwood and @rembot, Thanks for kind words! I’m sure you’ll love 2.5 when it’s out :-)

    @dtbaker, Thanks for the suggestion! Before I released 2.0, which had the multiple-languages capability, I looked at the way Ultimate Client Manager did it. It’s a clever way and I had never seen it done like that, so I did some research. I looked up what I was familiar with (Using DEFINEs) and other projects that do this (Joomla! being a big one). Basically, I should have done your method for the first few releases (So it had something to fall back on, like you said), but for the long run, this is little less hoggy on memory and faster, albeit not noticeably.

    In 2.5 I do have a fallback language to fall back on if the language file doesn’t exist. Thanks for the suggestions!

  142. atulvin:

    I want to purchase this if I get Moneybookers integration.

  143. siredesigns:

    @atulvin, I’ve had a few requests for this and am now signing up for a moneybookers account. Are you familiar with a documentation or tutorial on their Instant Payment Notification system, or how to integrate it with an existing web app?

    Version 2.5 has been uploaded and is available for download! Enjoy!

  144. tbroyles:

    Is recurring billing available yet?

  145. drexmaster:

    I bought the script… Is excellent =)

    Do you have another languages files?? Like a spanish?

  146. deadbeatdad:


    Money bookers is quite simple and very similar to PayPal in regards to the API – I have partially integrated MB into my client manager without much effort. Thought, the API docs can be hard to get a hold of it seems for non US ( last time I looked) so if you need the documentation I will gladly provide you with it.

    I’m going to buy the script so I can play around with it :)

  147. xyberneticos:

    Run Unix or Windows Server ?

  148. rembot:

    I have just finished installing 2.5 – loving the new theme.

    I’ve noticed the login button seems to be text now, in the previous version it was a really nice looking graphic button. Could this be due to the theme?

  149. bmaworld:

    will it create a new message / ticket when client send email to specific email address?

  150. siredesigns:

    @tbroyles, No recurring invoicing yet. Still working on a simple CRON enabler.

    @drexmaster, I currently do not have the Spanish language file. I have sent it to a number of volunteers but have no heard back from them just yet.

    @deadbeatdad, Have fun with Clivo! And I am glad to heard MB works just like PayPal in regards to processing payments and its API . If you don’t mind sending over a copy of the docs to, that’d be wonderful!

    @xyberneticos, All it needs is a MySQL server (4+) and PHP (5+). After that, I don’t see why it would not work on a Windows server. It works fine on a self-hosted PC of mine, but it’s no server.

    @rembot, Glad you like the new theme! I changed the login button in the new version. However, if oyu would like to change it, you can simply copy the #login CSS code from previous versions and paste it into css/login.css. Thanks for the purchase by the way! :-)

    @bmaworld, It does not send a ticket/message when a client emails a specific address. You can however simply send the message via the Messages feature in Clivo as opposed to using Email for everything.

    Spotted a few formatting issues with the default theme on the Client Side. I’ll be fixing those hopefully tomorrow for Version 2.5.1

  151. drexmaster:

    Hello. Please help me.

    I can´t rewrite the Pre-Payment Message… Still apper the same message… How We can do?

    And I changed for FALSE on config file for paypal payments and still redirect to


    Thank so much

  152. ajatwood:

    Do you have a fix for the invoice permalink/ or invoices that clivo emails to clients. The paypal (paypal) goes to paypal sandbox instead of the login to the users account.

  153. siredesigns:

    @drexmaster, Thank you for spotting this! I have just finished fixing this, as well as a few minor formatting errors and “no language found” errors on the Client side of things. As for the setting the test mode for Paypal, you must change line 31 FROM :

    define(‘PAYPAL_TEST’, ‘TRUE’);


    define(‘PAYPAL_TEST’, ‘FALSE’);

    Double check to make sure it is indeed changed. I just tested it on my own server as well as on the demo3 server, and it works fine and forwards to the real Paypal website, not the sandbox.

    @ajatwood, Upon invoice creation, you have the option to notify the client via email. The message is customizable, but the template is not yet. And the Paypal sandbox payment form will use the Sandbox by default unless you change the above mentioned defines’s to the correct values (FALSE to disable test mode, TRUE to enable test mode).

    Hope this helps guys!

    Version 2.5.1 is in the queue and should be released later tomorrow. Thanks for the very few error findings!

  154. ct1410:

    Ran the installer then deleted required files but cannot login to the admin/index.php

    My page is blank..

    Any ideas

  155. oakline:

    I downloaded the new version several times but was under the impression that it was still version 2.1 (because of the changelog and documentation files). But then I skimmed through one of the files in ‘includes’ and saw the updated version number. Thanks for your quick reply by email.

  156. oakline:

    By the way, how will we know when version 2.5.1 is actually posted, assuming the documentation file still says 2.1?

  157. ct1410:

    The documentation still says 2.1

  158. siredesigns:

    @ct1410, Normally that means you either don’t have a file or it is not set up correctly. Shoot me an email for further support.

    @oakline, I saw that when I was updating and making changes to the 2.5 version for 2.5.1. Somehow my Changelog and Documentations got switched. This new version includes the correct changelog and documentation for 2.5.1.

    Sorry about including the wrong version Changelog and Documentation. version 2.5.1 package has the correct version of both! Also, version 2.5.1 is in the process queue and is 3rd to being reviewed.

  159. drexmaster:

    Thank so much…. Paypal works great!

    But… I can´t change Pre-Payment Message…. Any ideas why???

    I put the new message and press submit and still apper the same message…

  160. drexmaster:

    Last question… I translated the lang file for spanish….

    And… show me this advice:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/d26com/public_html/ordenes/includes/ in /home/d26com/public_html/ordenes/index.php on line 28

  161. siredesigns:

    @drexmaster, Glad to see you translated it into Spanish! Version 2.5.1 is still in the queue.

    What that means is that it is not loading the language properly. You shouldn’t receive this error because the language file isn’t supposed to output anything, just simply create constants to be used. There are a few things that could cause that:

    1. Is your is probably not in the ‘includes’ folder? 2. Make sure the PHP code for the language file is completely valid. 3. Remove all white space before and after the <?php and ?> 4. Make sure the comments at the top of the page are valid. 5. If those don’t work, copy and paste the contents of into your file. If that works, then there’s something odd with the code in your Spanish translated file. Perhaps translate a few lines at a time, finding at which point it stops working.

  162. ajatwood:

    Still going to sand box changed to FALSE in paypalprocess.php

    // comment out one of the following lines

    if (PAYPAL_TEST == ‘FALSE’) $fp = fsockopen (‘’, 80, $errno, $errstr, 30); else $fp = fsockopen (‘’, 80, $errno, $errstr, 30);

    // or use port 443 for an SSL connection //$fp = fsockopen (‘ssl://’, 443, $errno, $errstr, 30);

    Still going to sand box

  163. ajatwood:

    Nevermind nade the change in works fine now..thanks

  164. siredesigns:

    @ajatwood, Glad you fixed that problem!

  165. drexmaster:

    Thank so much….

    But… I can´t change Pre-Payment Message…. Any ideas why???

    I put the new message and press submit and still apper the same message…

  166. ct1410:

    When email is sent to the client it comes through as HTML code.

  167. ct1410:

    How do I alter the States were people live?

    Disregard this post

  168. siredesigns:

    @drexmaster, That’s because 2.5.1 is still in the process queue. I think Envato is really busy with their birthday celebration which makes the upload queues rather long. This is fixed in the next version, no worries.

    @ct1410, What email client is the client using? I have tested and it works great in gmail, roundcube, horde, hotmail, imail and outlook. Perhaps something else is messing it up? Shoot me a message through my profile page and we’ll get to the bottom of it!

  169. dmedia:

    These guys are great.. Very quick to help and support their scripts.. Very nice to work with..

  170. oakline:

    I’ll second that. Quality script and great support.

  171. drexmaster:

    I have finished…. I will be send you to your e-mail account…

    Can I change the number of Character for STATE NAME ?

    Grear Script, Great support!

    Im very happy

  172. Oleal:

    Great Work! I Think buy it! Regards Odel

  173. nashh:

    I just installed this. I would recommend this to anyone who runs a small business (particularly freelancers/designers). Great work! Great Features! Great Price! I would easily pay $200-300 for this and be happy with what I paid for. Excellent value and I cannot say enough good things about it. If you are on the fence, buy this now! You can pay $15 once or pay $15 or more a month for a 37 signals type product!

  174. siredesigns:

    @dmedia, @oakline, Thanks for the compliments and for purchasing it! I know oakline has been around for a while, glad to see you are keeping up to date with Clivo :-). And dmedia, I’ll get working on that minor customization you need.

    @Oleal, Thanks for checking Clivo you! Stick around as I will be including even more themes/skins for Clivo.

    @nashh, Thanks for your purchased and endorsement! I originally developed Clivo due to the fact that any similar systems charged a monthly fee. I hate committing to a monthly contract, regardless how much. So I developed Clivo. I have high hopes for it and already have a few additional features in development (at least two weeks ago) just to make Clivo all the better.

    To Everyone I have started development on another script that will be released later in the week. Stick around for more updates :-) I have also updated the Clivo description with a Donations section. If you want to support the development of Clivo and future projects, your donation is most greatly appreciated!

  175. xemmex:

    Oh I am the 69 buyer! LOL :D

  176. Tgemayel:

    I want to purchase this php script but I have limited knowledge with php. I want to use this as a stepping stone. Do you have an installation guide with that comes along with this?

    thanks —toni

  177. siredesigns:

    @xemmex, Thanks for the purchase!! :-D

    @Tgemayel, How big of an installation guide would you like? The actual installation process, as I am sure anyone can vouch, is incredibly easy. Are you familiar with creating a database? How about cPanel? Are you familiar with FTP ? Shoot me a message through my profile and I’ll get back to you real soon. I will be out of town for the next 3 days, but shoot me an email and I will surely get back to you when I return on Wednesday.


  178. pagespages:

    Soo Great! – Love the new look too!

    I would really like to set this up for a store that sells physical products, to help keep track of current customers. In order for it to fly though it really has to have a picture of the associated product under the customers name with the notes for preferences & shipping details associated.

    So, when you click on the customers name in the list it shows the customer information as it currently does, but also includes a product icon (that would preferably link to the product) as well as the customer notes.

    Would this be a big deal to finagle around and are you considering anything like this for future updates?

    Gosh, looking at it some more, if it just showed the project page associated with the customer on the customer page, that might do it!

    Could you tell me how I might be able to do this? (Display the project info on the customers page & maybe working links in the notes)

  179. atulvin:

    I want to purchase if moneybookers is integrated. How do I pay you for the additional work?

  180. WhoDo:

    Nice work!!

    Do you have any plans to store RSA encrypted credit card details for one-time manual processing into your product?

    If so, I would buy in a second! :-) I would also galdly pay to have this feature.


  181. QuailAdvertising:

    For some reason I cannot log into the admin part of the site after I changed the password, how do I reset admin password?


    And the script is nice!

  182. QuailAdvertising:

    Never mind I got it….

  183. Nori_Silverrage:

    I can’t believe this is only $15… I think you should get more for it as it looks like a very well designed and fully featured system!

    Great job!

  184. dtbaker:

    Grats on your place in the PHP /JS competition ! Well earnt !

  185. siredesigns:

    Hello everyone, Just to give an update. We’ve been on a minor hiatus but are still available by phone. I am available to answer questions, and my brother will be back in town tomorrow, so he will get to all of the coding questions asap upon his return. Thanks for the comments and for purchasing!

  186. Techplatoon:

    Just purchased and the install goes fine, however the index.php, settings.php and all the admin.php files show up as blank white pages when i load them. Any ideas ?

  187. siredesigns:

    Hey guys, have a laptop for a short period of time. I will get to all questions and comments soon! In the meantime,

    @c3synapse, Try to check your WEBSITE _PATH file. That solves the problems 90% of the time. Shootme a message through my ThemeForest profile and with a URL and any other errors you’re seeing and I’ll get right on it.

  188. manamedia:

    Nice work Tom. I actually misunderstood what you have created. For some stupid reason (fault of my own) I thought it was an invoicing system.

  189. baparks:

    @DigitalDigg What was the fix?

  190. baparks:

    getting a 500 error is that a permissions issue?

  191. baparks:

    Shoot me a message through my ThemeForest profile page for any tech support. As I am sure anyone can attest, I offer support until Clivo is up and working. Cheers!

  192. Ivor:

    Awesome work, my clients are happy! You’re the man :D

  193. Ivor:

    Thanks for purchasing, let us know if there is anything else we can do to customize it or service you further. Feel free to call as well. Thanks again.

  194. Ivor:

    Dude you can consider this please add a todo list, we’ll be more than glad ;) I’ll drop you more money for this! I’m sure :)

  195. baparks:

    Did you give up on me?

  196. baparks:

    It’s been less than 24 hours since I responded to you?? I have been exchanging many emails with you for many days, and I am also moving back to school during this entire process. Don’t worry, I did not give up. Also realize I am giving all of this support free of charge, which cuts into my time to work with other paying clients and other projects.

    I just sent you an email with a fix to fit your specific server capabilities.

  197. dimby:

    I just bought the script but i have some problems:

    - There are lots of text's that aren't included in the language file. I just translated the whole script to Dutch. Maybe a option to add this to the download?
    - When I add a client or change my own username, the last name is cutted of. My name is Paul du Long, when i enter it i get Paul du. The "Long" part is cut off :(

    - On General settings tab on the settings page under accepted payment method there is a floating yes-no dropdown box without any text in front of it.

    - On the page admin/clients.php?id=2 there is no text before the green $0.00 ?

    Please contact me to fix this, Thanks in advance,

    Paul du Long

  198. dimby:

    I also get this error a lot: Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at “localhost” port 25, verify your “SMTP” and “smtp_port” setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in F:\Scripting Envoirment\Xampp\htdocs\client\admin\addproject.php on line 208

  199. siredesigns:

    @dimby, First of all, thank you for purchasing Clivo! Lots of questions/inquiries, let me address each:

    1. What texts are not included in the language file? I checked and double checked all the files and I am very certain that all were included. (Send me a message through my profile page for which words there are no translations).

    2. When adding or modifying your Full Name, it is under the assumption that you have a typical American name, with one word for your first and another for your last name. Your name is exploded where there are spaces, and takes the first one and assigns it as your “fname” and the second as your “lname”. I’ll make it more universally friendly in the next version. In the meantime, simple make your name Paul duLong and your full name will be displayed.

    3. This is probably due to the fact you did not give “CREDITS_NAME” a value in your includes/ Give it a default value such as “Credits” or “Points”, and that will solve that problem. This will also fix the blank text before the green $0.00.

    4. You are getting that error because you appear to be running on your localhost, or you have mail() disabled. Install Clivo on a live server ( and it should work fine.

    In the future, go ahead and send me private messages if you are having specific problems with Clivo so we don’t clutter the comments page with technical support.

  200. fani:

    Is it possible to use the message system inside the client panel as a ticket system ?

    Like clients can see the message they sent and replies to that ?

    And any chance about email piping to that ?

  201. troidickey:

    Love the system, I just had one question…

    How hard is it to make the image upload capable of uploading mp3s?

  202. dwpegues:

    by any chance is it difficult to build google checkout into this? also, what about the ability to let the client download invoices?

    are you considering making these kinds of updates in the future?

  203. siredesigns:

    First of all, sorry for the late response guys! I have finished moving back to school and am settled in. Now for your questions:

    @fani, You can definitely use the messaging feature as a ticketing system. There’s no real big difference between them except for there being no “Status” choices, other than “Read” and “Unread”. I plan to incorporate email notifications on a message being received.

    @troidickey, Glad you like Clivo! Currently the image uploader is a “File” uploader. You can currently upload any file type other than .php files, unless they are zipped first. I plan to incorporate the ability for MP3 ’s and Video files to be viewable/listenable in the ‘Project Workspace’.

    @dwpegues, I am planning to incorporate Google Checkout and MoneyBookers into the next version of Clivo. However, I am still working on Google’s ability to notify Clivo that the transaction has been made, and to update the invoice and database accordingly. Clients can download/view invoices by clicking on ‘View Invoice’ in their Dashboard or when they view the individual permalink for that Invoice.

  204. dwpegues:

    Thank you so much for your previous reply. I do love Clivo’s simplicity while having a lot of nice features.

  205. tbroyles:

    If I create an Invoice is their not a way to enter a desc for the invoice?

    I want to use the software to manage my clients and billing for our Online Backup service.

    I will not create projects, but I want to be able to just create and Invoice and label it with the Backup Plan and the storage they used.


    A field that I can add that reads:

    Home Backup Plan @ $2/GB

  206. siredesigns:

    @dwpegues, Thanks for your purchase and kind feedback! :-)

    @tbroyles, I will be adding a “Description” field for the invoice in the next version as well. This will be particularly helpful for users who do not want to upload an invoice and just want to get paid for their simple work.

    Look for this release the weekend of September 19th. It will also include a few small fixes, a smarter Languaging system, and an additional Admin and Client theme.

  207. mcnuggets86:

    you guys need to have an installation guide with this, it would be much more helpful than that change log and other doc file that your giving away with this.

  208. ecoverguru:

    When we add Admin, can we (as superadmin) decide the role of other admin? eg. they cannot delete, cannot change settings etc ?


  209. Techplatoon:

    I just purchased this a week ago. Will i get the update free ? Also in 2.5.1 the ADD NOTE button does not function.

    Also a DELETE MESSAGE feature would be great.

  210. dwpegues:

    by any chance can you build a milestones section into the future release? it would be very beneficial to have this. along with having the milestones, with date and time deadline, also have the ability to make notes both by admin and client for the milestones.

  211. dwpegues:

    what does tihs mean? i get this when i try to add a logo from the admin:

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/xxxxx/public_html/clients [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/xxxxx/public_html/clients/admin/settings.php on line 162

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ’/tmp/phpYN24Pf’ to ’/home/xxxxx/public_html/clients’ in /home/xxxxx/public_html/clients/admin/settings.php on line 162

  212. SaLiVeR:

    nice script =)

  213. siredesigns:

    @mcnuggets86, There is a built-in installation guide if you are installing Clivo for the first time. I think it’s pretty simple. However, for updating, I will be writing a more details and clear tutorial on just how to update it to the most recent version. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @c3synapse, Yes, updates will be free as long as Clivo is hosted on ThemeForest. You buy it now, you get the upcoming releases as well. Also, I will be adding the “Delete Message” into the next version.

    @dwpegues, That means your WEBSITE _PATH in your includes/ file is wrong. If your installation is on a subdomain, it should be set to:

    define(‘WEBSITE_PATH’, ’’);

    As in, an empty set of single quotes, basically setting it to nothing. If not, send me a message through my profile page on

    @saLiVeR, Thanks!! I put a lot of time and energy into it to make it pretty fulproof :-) I hope people are taking advantage of the Authorize.NET feature.

  214. stephaneb:


    Is a person to translate this script into French ?

    Thank you, Stéphane

  215. stoneypointe:

    Hi there The app looks very nice. Is there a way to setup recurring invoices? Most of my clients pay me monthly or quaterly.


  216. e4girl:

    Hello! Was wondering if there is an easy way to make the client side look more like the admin side?

  217. oakline:

    I’ve been wondering the same thing as e4girl. It’d be nice to have a wider, full-page layout with skins/themes, just like the admin interface.

  218. dwpegues:

    i have clivo installed to

    therefore, what should i have the set to?


    define(‘WEBSITE_PATH’, ’’); ?


  219. dotmac:

    @dwpegues: leave it empty. That’s how I have it set-up as well.

    @siredesigns: Would it be possible to have the “stats” (Invoices tab) shown in different currencies as well? My base currency is EUR , with the occasional invoice in GBP or USD , but right now it shows everything in USD .

    edit: Fixed it myself in admin/invoices.php by replacing $ by € (line 129 & 130)

  220. dotmac:

    Just to follow up on my previous comment: turns out USD is shown in a lot of places, so I ended up modify quite a bit of files. So a config / per client setting would be great. I would also like a country field instead of state, so might change that for myself as well.

  221. Techplatoon:

    Planning on making some server changes so I was wondering how the Sept. 19th update is coming along ?

  222. graphicdragon:


    Is there any way to integrate Moneybookers Payment instead PayPal?


  223. siredesigns:

    Hey guys, sorry for hte late responses, school has been taking a lot of my time away from my projects and work. First of all, thanks to all my new purchasers!!! Now, let’s get to all your inquiries one by one:

    @stephaneb, So far I have not seen a French translation. However, if you scroll to the ‘Description’ for Clivo above you will see a link to download the language file. If you do translate it don’t hesitate to email me so I can host it for everyone! :-)

    @stoneypointe, I am still working on an implementation for recurring billing. It seems that you would have to manually set up a cron, which I am not a fan of. However, I am looking at other web applications that deal with CRON and will continue to pursue a method that is easiest to implement for you guys.

    @e4girl and oakline, This is possible. I did want to differentiate between the Admin and Client side as much as possible, but perhaps in this pursuit I made one better than the other. I don’t think I will do this in the next version, but if I get a little more feedback suggesting this then I will consider doing it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    @dotmac, That’s one thing I noticed when adding multiple languages (The STATS page will display a dollar sign). What I am working on now is having different bar charts for different currency. They would all be on the same chart, just multiple bars. That way, you know exactly you received in a particular currency. Also, I am thinking of simply making the address/location fields just a textarea instead of 5 single text inputs (addr1, addr2, city, state, zip). It wouldn’t be as easily searchable, but it would be more intuitive probably. What do you think?

    @c3synapse, For the reasons I started with in this comment (School is demanding, and other work has been more pressing… blah) I am going to have to postpone the release date for Version 2.5.2. I am going to also try and include an upgrade.php file for easy upgrading from the previous version to this one. I apologize for the delay, and hopefully the next version of Clivo will make up for it!

    @gogsy7, Currently it is just PayPal, however like I said above, I am looking to add this in the next version of Clivo. Stick around! :-)

  224. dwpegues:

    Hello there. I wanted to make some suggestions for future releases:

    In the discussion section, you should both make the comments box bigger (and also resizable) as well as have HTML formatable text.

    Both the start dates and end dates should be editable.

    Any comments made should be editable, deletable, etc.

    Although I have mentioned it before (as well as others), it would be nice if Google checkout could be used as an option for payment. No need to comment – I am just listing all my recommendations.

    Should have milestones incorporated in. This would make the software more professional from the clients perspective.

    I will add more comments as they come to mind.


  225. Techplatoon:

    Also, could you make customer data information internationally friendly. Such as the postal code not being limited to 5 characters ?

  226. _jd:


    SOmetime the projects screen is right, but several times the layout is off.

    see image:

    Will this be fixed in the next release? (image is from your demo)


  227. _jd:

    It will be fixed. I noticed that as well.

  228. dwpegues:

    Thanks for your pm.

    I look forward to all your releases.

    Have a great weekend.

  229. ajatwood:

    I am getting this error emailed to me after a client pays an invoice.

    any idea on what is causing the error?

    Something Went Wrong Receiver Email: Client ID (custom): 51 Payment Currency: USD The transaction ID number is: 3XL937360F110592G Payment Status = Completed Payment Amount = 1500.00 Payment Required: 750.00 Invoice ID: 68

  230. ajatwood:

    That’s the message paypalprocess.php sends when something doesn’t match up. Your client tried to pay 1500 when 750 was required. Shoot me an email if you are still receiving this error.

  231. dotmac:
    @dotmac, That’s one thing I noticed when adding multiple languages (The STATS page will display a dollar sign). What I am working on now is having different bar charts for different currency. They would all be on the same chart, just multiple bars. That way, you know exactly you received in a particular currency.
    I’d suggest setting one currency as ‘base currency’ and using that currency everywhere unless otherwise specified. This doesn’t exist right now. ($ is hardcoded) Then you could show the ‘summarized’ info (i.e., the dashboard) in the base currency and go in-depth in multiple currencies – since invoices can be sent in multiple currencies – on a detailed stats page, or show that as you mentioned above in the same bar chart. Not sure how that’d work out though. Of course, you’d then have the look into how you can keep those exchange rates up-to-date as well.
    Also, I am thinking of simply making the address/location fields just a textarea instead of 5 single text inputs (addr1, addr2, city, state, zip). It wouldn’t be as easily searchable, but it would be more intuitive probably. What do you think?
    Or just add a “Outside of US” state-type and/or make the state field non-mandatory (not sure if it is right now) and add a country field. Don’t think it requires much more? (except allowing more than 5 digits in the zip code field as mentioned before)

    Meh .. I’m rambling. I’ll stop now. :D

  232. dotmac:

    Check out my response to ink Oliv below—I will be adding the ability to change a base currency in the next version.

  233. PinkOliv:

    Great script, many thanks for this! It is a great basic tool, I really like the no-nonsense approach of it, nevertheless I would love to see some fine tuning to make it really handy.

    Features I would love to see (most of them are about usability):


    • 1, To-Do list (add TASK tab in the admin section) that can be assigned to clients/projects (put deadline and toggle new/processing/finished)
    • 2, ability to edit and delete messages (both general messages and messages in project discussion)
    • 3, ability to assign messages to clients/projects (if a message from a client comes in, it would be nice to assign it to that client or to that project so that this message appears in the discussion line of the project eg.)
    • 4, ability to turn messages in to-do item > ‘make to-do’
    • 5, ability to browse through projects by client list
    • 6, toggle to list projects without details (if there’s a long project list or projects have a huge description this will be very handy)
    • 7, $ not hardcoded, but automatically the selected currency sign
    • 8, add country selection field to clients/users for outside US as mentioned before
    • 9, add description to invoice


    • 1, html (wysiwyg) formatting of project description
    • 2, ability to upload an image with a message
    • 3, show list of invoices from a client in the detailed client info list, below the ‘balance’ iformation
    • 4, recurring billing
    • 5, client dashboard: show new messages and proceedings on projects (list of projects to which things have changed, new messages have been written or files have been uploaded) >> on the dashboard the client should be noted that things have happened and where he/she needs to look for them
    • 6, ability to make nested messages/comments > reply to a certain comment the client made in the projects page will make it nested. Dito for messages.

    Are there any features you are planning in the future releases? If so, can you give us a hint on the timeframe? I would gladly donate to speed up things :).

    Also, multi-language support is not clear to me. Is there a Dutch translation file available?

    Thanks again for the great work!

  234. PinkOliv:

    You listed a lot! Let me try to tackle each one-by-one:

    Priority 1

    1 – Very interesting… I’ll look into this. 2 – Definitely going to include this. Possibly in the next version. 3 – Adding this might be a little confusing… I’ll look into this and see if it’s worth it. 4 – If I do suggestion 1, then I’ll add this too. 5 – Definitely want to add this. Maybe in the next version, but probably in a later version. 6 – Great suggestion, will look to add this in the version after this one. 7 – Changing this in the next version for sure. 8 – Will be adding this as well. 9 – Will be adding this as well.

    Priority 2

    1 – I don’t think I would add this. Mostly because the description is viewable from the Projects listing page. I think it would look confusing and disorganized. 2 – This is currently a feature, it’s just the user has to “Tag” the note or message to that image. 3 – Definitely adding this in the next version, as well as Projects assigned to that Client. Thanks! 4 – Probably won’t add this in this coming version, but definitely the next. 5 – This would be a little trickier to add. I have done this before on another app, so I can do it for sure. Not this version, but in the future. 6 – This is a pretty great idea. I’ll try to add this as well. Thanks!

    October 23rd is the next version, and after that… sometime around Thanksgiving.

    Thanks for all your suggestions! I appreciate Buyer’s feedback a whole lot.

  235. PinkOliv:


    • 1, Improved user management: assign projects/rights to users
    • 2, Client groups or other system to enable different clients (eg. from 1 company) to follow up on projects, assign projects to more than 1 person or to a company rather than an individual client…
    • 3, improve layout for use on PDA & iPhone, for client and admin side
    • 4, improve invoicing: make invoice from to-do list and/or project description page, ability to create invoice pdf on the fly based on custom layout templates, ...
    • 5, upgrade to-do list with toggle for who has to do it ‘client’ or ‘specific user’, option to make to-do item visible for client or only to admins and users assigned to the project, ...
    • 6, add automatic reminders for to to-do list item that is due >> show on the dashboard
  236. PinkOliv:

    Thanks for making this list of suggestions. I think you have listed the needs/wants of everyone, which I appreciate. I will be using this as a reference for future features.

  237. PinkOliv:

    Hi Guys,

    I just want to let you know that I really appreciate your work! Though it was a long list, it doesn’t make the script less great. Thanks again for following up.

  238. ronn0:

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow, nice! Just what i needed, hopefully it’s easy to change the design. :-)

    [running to the downloadpage :-D]

  239. dev21:

    very nice script !

    is there a sign up form for client ? and client can submit a project ?


  240. dev21:

    The next version (Oct 23rd) will include a client sign-up form.

    Currently, Clients can’t submit projects, but they can request them. This is so the Administrator is not bombarded with dozens of requests with Projects. Rather, Clients can use the messaging system and request one.

  241. ronn0:

    Yes, that would be great. But you can also made that by yourself (what i am going to do) :-)

  242. _jd:


    i purchased the script, and i have a few wishes i hope are able to be integreted, Can you maybe quote them?

    - link multiple clients to a project? - have statusses like, proposal, unpaid, paid partly, paid - the clients first have to agree to license before downloading the invoice

    Hoping to hear from you, Dominick

  243. _jd:

    Having multiple clients linked to a single problem would have to require another Database Table field, however the option for custom statuses is something I am definitely going to be adding. Thanks,

    Tommy M.

  244. Techplatoon:

    I bought the Clivo script and think its great. I couldn’t help but notice many of the people on the comments page posting HEAVY change requests. I just wanted to say that Clivo is a great system and regardless of the changes that are being requested, just keep doing what your doing. Absolutely great work. If they want such heavy changes they should go for a paid service, after all, ThemeForest is a buyers market, not a place to go to get 100% custom scripts or designs.

    I understand feature requests (1 or 2 things) as a result of making a script well rounded. But keep in mind that you are paying a one time fee of $15 for a script that has the potential to help you track more money that you would probably make using it.

    If you want a custom script and are looking to request multiple changes, look to getting a custom coder and PAY for your change requests.

    Siredesigns has stated that they are currently busy with school, and actual employment. Glad to see that they have their priorities straight. An upgrade is already on its way (as siredesigns has stated previously). So lets just let the next update roll out and pretend its Christmas morning and be surprised.

    This post is not meant to have an “angry” or “annoyed” overtone, nor did i write it for a response, so there is no need to comment on it.

    I just wrote it for those who are new and may be reading this thread and seeing the feature requests, so they understand what is behind a developer, and what it takes to code, and sometimes, just be happy with what you have, and how little you paid for it.

    Enjoy the script folks, its amazing. And Siredesigns, keep up the great work !

  245. Techplatoon:

    Thanks for the response! I appreciate it :-)

  246. atv:

    Hello Friend. Very Nice Script. My only doubt is if I had some problem on installation /using with my hosting and / or localization (Brazilian Portuguese).

    I’m quite sure that this is the script that I need, but I’m worried about a mal-functioning. Hope you can help,

    regards andre ribeiro

  247. pixelito:

    Thats so fecking cool! I gonna need to purchase it right away!

  248. _jd:


    Because the script is so great, people (me to) want to use it also for other projects.

  249. PinkOliv:

    @ c3synapse:

    I just made that list of things I would love to see in the future and I’ve sent this list to the guys as well with the request for a custom adaptation. I don’t expect them to make those adaptations just like that because I need them. I do know that the amount of work is not in relation to the little money we pay for the great script… we have our own programmer to change things but I just prefer them to do it since they know the script best, right?

    The guys are doing a great job, I even donated them to thank them for the script…

  250. tkien:

    hey, I like this script. But I would like Subscription payment. How do I change it?

  251. tkien:

    You might have to edit this manually in the view.php file. Scroll to where you see the PayPal form and add the appropriate subscription field.

  252. siredesigns:

    Hey everyone,

    First, I want you to know I read each and every message. Work and school has been taking the bulk of my time, including finishing another project named QuickTick that is currently available here on ThemeForest for sale.

    I am going to release another version for Clivo by October 23rd that will include a few bug fixes, as well some small features, and another new skin. I am also going to revamp the Client-side screen to resemble the Administrator, as this seems to be a reoccurring suggestion.

  253. dev21:

    Thank you for your very great work !

    for projects submission by clients ,should be able to apply a submission limit …

  254. PinkOliv:

    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know that I’ve customized the skin of the application the code is very clear so it was easy with my minimal knowledge of php to make it happen and changed the style of the client side to the same style as the admin side by changing the php files and the css. If you update the clivo files, do you provide an update overview too so that it is easy to find out which lines of code need to be updated?

    Thanks again for te great script. We started working with it a few days after I bought it and our clients are really happy!

    Your new script looks great too! I support the migration of some of the feautures of quick tick and Clivo…

  255. nahuelfk:

    Hello, I just purchased this item, seems really good!

    Just a quick question or two:

    1) How easy is to add new payment options? To be honest, it’s not so hard to do. I don’t need a callback (as the paymet has to be verified manually), and it’s just a form which goes to another site (like Paypal).

    2) Can I add my local currency? I’m in Argentina, and most of my clients too ;)


  256. _jd:
    Having multiple clients linked to a single problem would have to require another Database Table field, however the option for custom statuses is something I am definitely going to be adding. Thanks,

    Tommy M.

    Will this be in the next release? (23rd of october)

  257. mtotheikle:

    Before I buy this I would like to know if this code is open source, thanks!.

  258. nahuelfk:


    I wnet ahead and added my payment gateway. Really easy to do it!

    But now, I have some problems / questions:

    1) When the invoice mail is send, or any mail, the weblink is http://site.com…

    How can I remove the extra

    2) When I upload something, it doesn’t upload to the server, but appears as it’s uploaded. I have CHMODed the folders, but no success.

    3) Is there a way that the client receives an email when the project is updated? Or at least, when I send him a message.

    Anyway, this is a great script. The only feature I’m missing is a better invoice handling.


  259. warrenduvet:

    I just bought the script, when I installed it, all I see is a blank page, am I missing something?

  260. warrenduvet:

    Shoot me a message through my profile page and I’ll give you support there there.

  261. tkien:

    Some fuctions dont work on IE. I’m using IE8 to test and failed to add note to images.

  262. Dediux:


    Grat Work!!

    I have a question: How I can deactivate the paypal Sandbox redirect and use the default paypal redirect?


  263. Dediux:

    Thanks for the compliments!

    In the turn the PAYPAL _TEST to FALSE instead of TRUE , and you’ll be good to go!

  264. Dediux:

    I have done that, but it change nothing.

    I don’t know where is the problem.


  265. _jd:

    @ siredesigns Are you going to make the deadline of 23rd of October?

  266. _jd:

    Will the released (planned for the 23rd) be out in october?

  267. jordydejager:


    I’ve succesfully installed Clivo. Now i’m trying to upload my PDF invoices but i’m getting a error:

    Warning: move_uploaded_file(/storage/mijndomein/users/007629/public/sites/ [function.move-uploaded-file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /storage/mijndomein/users/007629/public/sites/ on line 167

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: Unable to move ’/tmp/phppKN4MN’ to ’/storage/mijndomein/users/007629/public/sites/’ in /storage/mijndomein/users/007629/public/sites/ on line 167

    Could you tell me what the problem is?



  268. _jd:


    Ik ben niet de maker van dit script dus betreffende dit script kan ik je niet helpen, Maar mijn domein heeft een hele aparte hosting, en bij mij veroorzaakte dit ook heel veel problemen, Ik weet niet of je toegang hebt tot een andere website, maar bij mei zorgte de hosting van mijndomein voor veel problemen, daarom ben ik overgestapt (antagonist, beter en net zo duur)

  269. flasharoo:

    Why isn’t a user/client able to add new projects them self’s rather than have the administrator having to do it every time? will this feature be included in the upcoming versions or ?

  270. rl421403:

    This this feature is needed. User should be able to create project.

  271. rl421403:

    Also admin and corresponding user should get email notifications for posting a note in project as well as support ticket submission or replies. It’s not working right now. And I think this should have been working because it’s pain in a** to check each project for new messages specially if you have 100s of projects.

  272. revisin:

    Installed and the system is working great. I really appreciate all your work on this. Please keep it up. Will be donating to the project and hope to be helpful in this forum.

    Support Question:

    1) I have an invoice and a transaction, but the invoice amount does not reflect the transaction which was a partial payment. I cannot get a the partial payment status to appear.

    2) the Invoice permalink does resolve…

    Thank you in advance for your reply.


  273. thomasall:

    Is there an new ETA for the new version?

  274. gluegl:

    I purchased CLIVO , can I pay to have integrated with QUICKTick? Or will you be releasing a NEW version which includes the two together?

  275. jordydejager:


    In Dutch:

    Bedankt voor je antwoord. Het heeft het probleem verholpen. Andere host gebruikt;) Ik zit met nog een probleem, dat moet jij denk ik ook hebben: als je een nieuwe factuur plaatst en kiest als valuta de euro dan word in de opsomming van de facturen het Dollar symbool weergeven. Terwijl je de euro hebt geselecteerd. Wat is hier aan de hand?

    In English:

    When i post a new invoice, and select the Euro symbol, their occurs a problem. In the dashboard, where the invoices are listed, the Dollar symbol is shown while i selected the Euro symbol. What’s wrong?


  276. jordydejager:

    Problem solved.

    But a new question:

    Where and in which file can i edit the e-mail template? So, not the text, but the lay-out?


  277. marosea:

    When the new version

  278. g30gli:

    I have a problem with greek characters. When someone adds a note on an image then the text that appears on the right is not readable.

    Any ideas!?

    Thank you

  279. dwpegues:

    I have been waiting for a new release of Clivo for quite some time. Are any updates planned in the near future? I was hoping you would have incorporated HTML text for the comments box, and as well added a little more functionality, including a bridge with QuickTick.


  280. raredesign:

    We are having an issue with Clivo. It keeps asking us to log back in after being logged in maybe 30 sec. or so. Could you please help as we are looking to implement this as quickly as possible. Everything seems to be working properly, expect you have to make all your input and setting once logged in within 30 to 40 secs. Tried on IE8 windows vista, safari 4.0.3 OSX 10 .6, and Firefox 3.5.5 OSX 10 .6, all behave the same.

    Pls let me know. Thanks.

  281. finenoises:

    I am getting an “Internal Server Error” when trying to login to the admin section after install.

    I have deleted the install.php and installdb.php files, but i still get this error.

    The front end for client works, but of course i can’t login.

    Thanks, Jono

  282. mamjed:

    Can the clients make themselves an account and enter all of their payment information, or do you have to manually add a new client every time?

  283. MediaClear_net:

    This is a great script. It really does aid with project management. The only thing that I would ask is that a future release would allow you to input a phone number when creating clients.

  284. MediaClear_net:

    I was able to go into the files and add the phone number field into the appropriate forms, I then added the phone number column in the database. It was very easy to do but I doubt everyone would be able to go in and manually add it as I did so maybe it’s a good idea to add phone numbers in a future release.

    If anyone out there is thinking about buying this script , I would say “go ahead it’s worth every penny”.

    Thanks for a great script.

  285. joransrb:

    got a prob on a new install… after the forst login and logout, i get: You are trying to access a part of this website which you do not have access to. Please logout and try again.

    everytime i try to login again… clicking “logout” in the error dosent do anything…

    anyone got some suggestions…?

  286. mike_jandreau:

    Maybe I’m missing the obvious here, but how do I view all invoices from a specific client?

    Maybe I missed that somewhere, but it doesn’t seem like there’s an obvious way, other than sorting through the pages of invoices, to see everything for a specific client.

    Did I miss it?

  287. creativa4:

    Hey guys! im having some trouble with the script! The installation seems to go ok, but i cant login!! could anyone assit me? thanks!

  288. creativa4:

    Hey guys! im having some trouble with the script! The installation seems to go ok, but i cant login!! could anyone assit me? thanks!

  289. creativa4:

    problem solve!.... it was a issue with the php sessions from my hosting co.

  290. e4girl:

    Help, please! Is there a way to delete messages – in both admin and client accounts? I don’t see a way to do that but I have tons of messages (mostly tests while I’m in testing). If there’s not a way currently, how would I add a delete function? Thanks for the help!

  291. rl421403:

    No. From admin panel, you can’t. You will have to delete them from database.

  292. e4girl:

    Ok, thanks for the answer!

  293. thorsky:

    i have installed everything and it works

    I created new project and sent.

    I log out of master admin tool

    and when i log back in i get the error

    You are trying to access a part of this website which you do not have access to. Please logout and try again.

    I have installed clivo twice just to make sure i had correct log in info and on second time i changed the default login and password just to make sure.

    Do you know what that error would mean and how to trouble shoot?


  294. e4girl:

    Are you in the correct place? There are actually 2 different spots to login – one for clients, one for the admin. So it should be = admin login or = client login. If you try to login on the client side with the admin info, you’d get that error. Also if you try to login on the admin side with the client info, you’d get that error. Hope this helps.

  295. sirchadlington:

    Great looking system! I have a question and a feature suggestion:

    Question: What are ‘credits’? I gave a client $500 credits and what are they used for? Can it be used as like a retainer a client might give me? And if so, how does the client use their credits to pay for an invoice? I only see PayPal as an option

    Feature suggestion: It would be great to see you have time tracking where I can put in tasks for each project and add x hours/minutes to the task, and then be able to put that I charge $x/hr and have it automatically generate a PDF invoice and email the invoice to the client… instead of the current system where we have to upload our own made invoice PDF …

    Your thoughts… thanks!

  296. Techplatoon:

    Is this project abandoned ? There was suppose to be an update in October and yet no word from the developer as to what the status is.

  297. oakline:

    I don’t believe this project is abandoned. He promised an update and is just swamped with other work, by the looks of this comment posted recently on another project:

    If your question is urgent you could probably reach him by email.

  298. oakline:

    Duplicate post of this comment. Sorry.

  299. NorthBound_Media:

    how do i remove the copyright tommy marshall at the bottom once installed

  300. Davidmoreen:

    Does this script really have the ability to process credit cards? Also Tommy you have such amazing script. Truly a talented developer.

    @NorthBound_Media. It appears that there is not generic footer file so you will need to open each file and find the lines where the copyright text is. For instance in index.php you would need to delete lines 183-187.

  301. rl421403:

    Did any one notice that graphs are broken and not working for 2010 year. It should display latest month but it is not and also it’s not displaying previous months. Same issue on demo too.

    Any fix for this?

    And where are the updates that you promised?

  302. raindi:

    Hi, Do you provided technical documentation for this script.? if yes I hope technical documentation contains useful information on the code structure of the product that will help me in modifying the script.

  303. NorthBound_Media:

    @rl421403 they should work i just tried the demo and i think the problem was that the invoice value was to low so i put in a $100,000 invoice or something like that and it works let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem

  304. Techplatoon:

    Release update ??????????

  305. ddirico:

    Has anyone tried to re-work the code in this to use Wordpress login credentials? I.e. using the Wordpress DB users table?

    I’m building a site based on Wordpress as a CMS and looking at ways to create a single-sign-on with Clivo and Wordpress.

  306. mystock:

    Hi Great stuff

    I am new at Wordpress enviornement.

    Pl let me know

    a)Can I use Clivo for my proposed Wordpress website?? b) Can i able to customise the various subcription options and rout the registered clients to various plans as per the amout subscribed?

    Thanks Avinash

  307. raymonn:

    When I reply to a comment in the project…is it a way to have an email sent to the client after. That would be a great feature so that I’m not having to double email the client to tell them there’s a comment on a project.

    If anyone else ran into this and have a solution please let me know. Thanks in advance.

  308. rl421403:


    You can customize your files to do that. I have been asking for this feature here but anyway I ended up doing that myself. You will need to edit projects.php for that. :)

  309. refbois:

    Omg, this this is awesome… I wish the developers would respond and do some other updates!!! I tried to email them but I didn’t get a response, but yet only 24 hours!

    School time is upon us and that might be the case! Anyways awesome product! Please send an update soon! Would a donation help them get back… if so I would gladly donate and purchase the product.

  310. raymonn:

    Thanks rl421403!

    I think I’m a smart guy (sarcastically speaking), but I’m not a true programmer. Could you tell me where about to look and make the changes? Please, and thank you. That would help me tremendously.

    If you could tell me where and what to change….I’m sure I will be able to get it to work. Thanks in advance.

  311. refbois:

    I am interested in your client system… is it possible to integrate a contact us in the front end… so that it will show as a ticket in the back end? It might be a quick and easy way to accept new clients and prepare them for a fast transition to the management system.

  312. aarondub84:

    While installing, I keep getting these error messages:

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /home/content/c/l/i/clickanddrive/html/access/install-db.php on line 4

    Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2) in /home/content/c/l/i/clickanddrive/html/access/install-db.php on line 5

    Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/content/c/l/i/clickanddrive/html/access/install-db.php on line 5 Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock’ (2)

    Please help!

  313. rl421403:

    Looks like a mysql server problem. Contact support.

  314. raymonn:

    Hello rl421403,

    Did you get my comment about where to add or manipulate the code in the projects.php file? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  315. refbois:

    Possible to have employees and time recording?! :)

  316. rl421403:


    You will need to add code just after comment form to send notification email. I am not sure about line number because I modified a lot and added many features so not sure but the message form is near line number 170.

    Hope it helps.

  317. turner2f:

    Hello Tom and Joe,

    Great product. Thank you for creating it. I juat purchased it.

    I just have about 7 simple questions:

    1) My dashboard does not display the animated graphs in the front like your demo. Is there a setting that I am not aware of?

    2) Is there a way to change the title of the invoice so that when it is displayed in PayPal that it will show the name of the INDIVIDUAL project being billed for?

    3) Even though I have set to “Test” mode, if I try to make a test payment it automatically defaults to “https:” in the browser which then causes an error to occur.

    What are the exact settings so that I may test out the sandbox account?  
    And can I do this while my PayPal account is "live"?  Or do both 
    have to be in "test"mode?

    4) Which template files are responsible for me having the ability to customize the look of the invoices and email?

    5) I noticed that if I try to add an invoice later, after a project has been created that I receive an error if an attempt to download a PDF is made later.

    In other words, it would appear that (1) once an invoice is made that there is no way to upload a more current one without errors. And (2) there were even cases where no prior PDF was uploaded until later and I still got an error.

    It seems as if the only “safe” time to add a PDF invoice would have to be at the beginning of a project or not at all.

    6) If I just send an email to the client only and not to “both” I notice that no emails will show up in my “sent”. What does the “both” setting mean when it concerns emails?

    7) When an email invoice is viewed in Internet Explorer, all of the text contents are centered. How may I fix this?

    Great product, I just need to know about these custom or settings issues.


  318. turner2f:

    It appaers as if I am missing a folder and file in my download:


    Which appears to be what the “open-flash-chart.swf” is supposed to receive its info from concerning the Dashboard Graph Statistics.

    Can you please send me the files?

    From: /admin/open-flash-chart.swf

    The error I receive is:

    Open Flash Chart IO ERROR Loading test data Error #2032

    This is the URL that I tried to open:../../data-files/menu.txt

  319. frontlineco:

    Has anyone else had problems uploading images to projects? JPEGS will not show up and when I delete the file the unlink function says there is “No such file or directory.” Does anyone know what could be causing this?

    Thanks in advance, sorry if this has been discussed already.

  320. frontlineco:


    I was having the exact same problem because I had “localhost” as the DB server. I logged into my hosting account (GoDaddy) and got the server IP address and everything installed fine.

  321. turner2f:

    I was able to fully customize the look of this wonderful program.

    The following questions are concentrated more on the functions and are important being that I would like to integrate this system into many of my clients’ sites.

    1) It appears that you cannot delete an admin from the list. Or am I incorrect?

    2) It also appears that if I or a client were to make a mistake concerning the amount of payment made toward their account that there is no way to adjust the transaction amount after it is posted.

    3) In Internet Explorer 7 and 8 the radio Buttons display in a “stair-step formation”.

    4) Is there a way to change the title of the invoice so that when it is displayed in PayPal that it will show the name of the INDIVIDUAL project being billed for?

    You Responded: “This is possible but it would require some minor custom changes.”

    Q: Would this minor change/modification be something that I can do? I work with modifying PHP , but I am not certain where to look amongst your files.

    5) Also, is it possible for me to create my own HTML email templates?

    Thanks again and I look forward to your reply.

  322. joomlaianer:

    i get this error on the installtion

    Sorry, I can’t write to the directory. You’ll have to either change the permissions on your installation directory or create your config.php manually.

    which file i`ve to set the chmod?

  323. motlive:


    Is the developer around much? The script looks great and perfect for my needs I think, but going by the comments he doesnt appear to be around much.


  324. Techplatoon:

    @motlive – thats the main reason i regret buying this script. I bought it with the understanding that “a new version with all these bells and whistles would be released in october of 09” but of course nothing was released and the author has failed to respond to any of the 7 emails I sent since then. the author appears to be supporting his other projects but not even answering his customers for this one. poor support and service if you ask me

  325. Techplatoon:

    Anyone who takes the time to email me, I take the time to email back. Did you email me at Or, or I certainly would not have missed 7 emails, but I apologize if that was indeed the case.

    Let me give some background- I was very happy with Clivo and had high hopes. I have been happy with the buzz it generated, as well as being one of the most purchased items on Themeforest, and now Codecanyon.

    I spent about 300 hours (Yes, a solid 2-3 months) creating Clivo, and at least another 40 hours of updating to other versions, and offering free, practically unlimited, support.

    However, I make 41% of every purchase. The price for Clivo, and unlimited updates, is $15 (Before it was $12), and it has been purchased 232 times. That is $1392.00 if it was $15 the entire time. However, when we divide my total earnings by amount of time I inputted into this, it comes to about $4/hour.

    Where we stand now- If the author rates were higher, I would certainly be updating this script, adding features, and offering even more thorough support. However, as it stands, I have made only $4/hour. I think everyone who purchases this believes this is indeed extremely small compensation for the product produced. Additionally, I have never received a donation.

    For this reason, I have decided to put further updates of Clivo on hold until the Summer. I have no disbanded it, rather simply put on hold.

    I am thankful to my buyers and I do hope they understand my reasons for making this decision. Look for an update this Summer… I do have plans and have already started them :-).

    This is still a great CRM system, as is proof of the 232 buyers. If you are looking for a great script to help management clients, their invoices and projects, as well as maintain a constant stream of communication through the personal messaging system within Clivo, then CLivo is for you!

  326. Techplatoon:

    Thanks for responding. I believe and where the email addresses I used. And no problem on the response issue I am glad to see that you have at least addressed why there is no longer development.

    The author rates appear to be pretty weak after what you just said and i fully understand you no longer supporting it. Nonetheless you did a killer job on developing it. Thanks for the hard work and you deserve better than $4 an hour.

  327. Remwideco:

    Just Bought it and it’s a great code !!

    Good job !

    PS : I’m working on a french translation.

  328. PinkOliv:

    Hi Tom,

    I agree that the $4/h is a very small compensation but if you would expect to earn $40 / h or more, than your estimation was quite unrealistic if you compare it to the other products selling on this site… even if your product is much better.

    I don’t know about others but I have donated a small appreciation and am willing to donate a lot more if updates are coming. I have also requested some custom work which could bring you some extra money to compensate the hard work you did on this.

    Nevertheless, I didn’t get any reaction on my requests through the support page nor through email although your profile indicates that you are available for freelance work.

    Your work is amazing, I really love this product but it has some small flaws which really start causing me a headache after using the product for several months.

    As said, I will gladly pay for customization, so please react to my messages!

    br, stefan

  329. kbeezie:

    “I spent about 300 hours (Yes, a solid 2-3 months) creating Clivo, and at least another 40 hours of updating to other versions, and offering free, practically unlimited, support.”

    Not really complaining much here, but I’m surprised you spent that much time on it and not a lick of error control in the code. I’m still trying to get it installed, but even though it says tables have been created, they have not been, and there’s even errors in the php error log, but the code says everything went fine.

    Though 15 is really cheap and I’ll probably just fix the code myself if you don’t have an update before then.

  330. easyprojects:

    I am unable to see the recent transactions from the dashboard.

    Also after a payment from paypal has been made does it become marked as paid?

  331. NormanG:

    How is the script updated from paypal after a customer makes payment?

    I have not seen anything for IPN setting in the demo? Are payments updated manually?

  332. neon_eddie:

    I am also interested in how payments from PayPal are registered. I kinda hope it is not via the IPN as that is being used by another application.

    Thanks, Ed

  333. acepero:

    Image tagging and automatic emails are not working properly for me. I can tag images but it does not show up on the image itself only on the sidebar. Any emails when accounts, projects, and invoices are created are not being sent. The mail() function is failing. I know it works because I use it with other forms on my site. I’m using php5 and mysql 5.1.45…Can anybody help?

  334. acepero:

    Ok got emails to work. Unfortunately the mail() function does not work properly with Bluehost and I had to convert it to sendmail to get it to add all the headers properly. However, the image tagging is still not working. I can add notes but they don’t display and I can’t delete them…any help would be greatly appreciated!

  335. acepero:

    @acepero, My apologies on the late responses. Your problems as far as the mail() not working must have been due to your server, as this problem is unique to your situation. As far as your image tags go, what language setting are you using? Also, be sure your “assets” folder is writable.

    I understand your frustration, as I have not been able to respond due to many other priorities. I have a rewritten Clivo in the works that I hope will solve almost all email issues (Changing from PHPMailer to Swiftmailer), add additional Invoicing features and payment checks, a better UI, and fixing any Project-related issues that seem to arise.

    If you have installed Clivo, I have your email and will email you the update. However, this is a complete revamp of the system to allow for easier updating and adding features, so it will take time for me to develop. This will take much more time though. Check back during the Summer, probably June.

  336. acepero:


    Thank you for the response. I’m very excited about the upcoming release.

    As for my issues, the email problem is resolved. I also added emails for when invoices are viewed by the client and when private messages are sent. I did make the assets folder writable, and my language setting is the default – I have not changed it. The issue is when I tag a picture it saves the note in the db and it even displays it on the sidebar but it does not create/show the image overlays. I’m also not able to delete anything – both assets and notes – on the project page. It doesn’t do anything.

  337. acepero:

    OK so I’ve sent emails to sirestudios and posted on here and no answer. This script has not worked well for me. I had to add my own code to get html emails to work properly, and I’m not able to view image tags even though they show up in the sidebar. I also can’t delete anything, and it does not properly handle filenames with spaces…

  338. AstroCoders:

    Is it possible to add ‘New Zealand Dollar’ to the list that is used in the transactions involving

  339. ashish54:

    Hello Clivo :)

  340. somar911:

    Hello acepero,

    I have the same issue of mail not sending because of blue host server. Do you mind sharing how you got the emails to send out in detail for me and everyone else ?


  341. gr8:

    where do u put the email address which the script uses to send out emails? thanks.

  342. sfakir:

    hey there, why not combine (or make a “bridge”) between QuckTick and Clivio?

    Might be a confusion for customer to get 2 logins.

    My questions:

    is the language seperated from code?

    I would like to translate it to german.


  343. mamunabms:

    This is the best item on codecanyon i do believe, just one more feature needed. Payments through moneybookers. As PayPal is not supported in some countries but moneybookers is supported in those countries. I hope in next version of Clivo payment through moneybookers will be available. Regards.

  344. somar911:

    Dear SireDesigns,

    Why not expand the new version you are working on to include features such as these:

    You can also look at the features currently being worked on on that page, it looks super and has many many functionalities, but yours looks nicer aesthetically and is still basic. I know you are very busy working on the new version and not around much, but you should at least try to drop by twice a week to give us updates and let us know you’re still alive!

  345. ScriptPal:

    script works well, few teething problems but overall well done! cant wait for the next versions!

  346. refbois:

    I can confirm that Bluehost does not send out the emails… Anyone have any idea on how to fix it???


  347. refbois:

    For all of you saying that BLUEHOST doesnt work… Make sure that the email that you are using in clivo is actually created in your hosting account… Its something many of you probably overlooked when wanting to try out the script.

  348. studioleland:

    Do you have any more screenshots of the new v2 interface?

  349. gr8:

    is this author alive? asked a question more than 17 days ago and also sent a private message and no response still? this is the lamest customer service i have received here on envato! u hold the record. congratulations!

  350. gr8:

    To answer your question: You put the email in the the ADMIN _EMAIL field in the file.

    I am alive, I never received your PM. I do give customer service and definitely look at each message and respond to all of them. I offer support as well and have given custom help. To take your one situation and generalize it to every other is unfair. Keeping in mind, I am a fulltime student in finals week :-)

  351. gr8:

    i will forgive u, but i did send u a pm. i’m doing my residency at a busy emergency department and also doing an mba program online but i do find time to write to u, so i think u should do likewise and respond to your customer’s questions. finals are a pain, i understand. i wish u the best of luck. btw, i did put the email at the exact place you are saying to put it but it doesnt send out any emails to clients. it just sends local emails. meaning clients can only read their messages when they login to their client’s area on my site. i need emails to be sent out to the client’s personal email address. what can i do? i am on hostmonster. thanks.

  352. ScriptPal:


    How can i make it so that when a user posts a message on a project i get a message to tell me and if i post a message they get one. It does not do it at the moment.


  353. somar911:

    Like ScriptPal, I have the same question. Also, what if we would like the client login to be at a different location (just the client login username/password panel integrated in a section of an html page)? We tried using the action=”client/index.php” where client is the installation directory for clivo, and it only opens that page after submitting the form on the html page with the correct/incorrect username/password. How can we accomplish this? PLEASE let us know, it is urgent for project completion!


  354. robanderson:

    @somar911: I second the motion. This is a very important bridge that’s needed asap!!

  355. ScriptPal:

    wow its slow support on here!

  356. postidol:

    I just bought this script. Very cool. And thank you. I have one problem though. When a client logs into their account, it says “view invoice” with the little PDF symbol next to it. But it is not clickable at all. Is this something I didn’t change in a setting? Or, do you know what I can do to fix this please?

    Thank you! Looking forward to your response.

  357. robanderson:

    Please help my email links looks like: http://yourserver.com

    Also my from line looks like:

    Please Anyone!!!!!

  358. robanderson:



    There seems to have been an error sending the message. Please check you have the PHP mail() enabled and try again. If the problem persists, contact Click on the ‘Close’ link to the bottom right to close this window.

    Where can I find PHP mail() to enable?

    Also, images for uploads and the logo I can’t get to appear. Please help!

  359. robanderson:

    “Hello, I wnet ahead and added my payment gateway. Really easy to do it! But now, I have some problems / questions: 1) When the invoice mail is send, or any mail, the weblink is http://site.com… How can I remove the extra 2) When I upload something, it doesn’t upload to the server, but appears as it’s uploaded. I have CHMODed the folders, but no success. 3) Is there a way that the client receives an email when the project is updated? Or at least, when I send him a message. Anyway, this is a great script. The only feature I’m missing is a better invoice handling. Regards!”

    These are my same issues, what was the fix, please help!!!!!!

  360. robanderson:

    Do I need to write access any of the folders? Right now all folders are 755. Should they be 777?

  361. constructivevisual:


    I’ve got the same issue. I am able to upload an image for a project and it successfully goes into the asset folder but I am unable to view it both in the admin section and the client section in the “Project Assets” section.

    Is there something that I have missed?

  362. Bigideaguy:

    Regarding this

    “Where can I find PHP mail() to enable?”

    You will need to contact your host provider and ask them to enable php sendmail for this to work, this has nothing to do with the script.

    On the other hand – Any update on when the new script comes out?? It’s June now :D

  363. ryanriatno:

    Yep, it’s june. Can’t wait for the update :)

  364. LuisEscobar:

    Hey Tommy,

    Thanks so much for putting together this awesome Client Manager!

    I was trying to install it today but i ran into some trouble when doing so. I have my hosting with Media temple and i wanted to install your script on a sub folder, I made sure i had PHP5 activated for that domain and I created both the MySQL database and user.

    I tried running the auto install like you recommend but it didn’t work.

    I got this…...

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/95254/domains/ on line 4

    Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/95254/domains/ on line 5

    Warning: mysql_select_db() [function.mysql-select-db]: A link to the server could not be established in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/95254/domains/ on line 5 Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)

    I then tried configuring the cofig file itself and uploading it but all i got was the /install directory telling me the config file is already made. With that said whenever i go to the root of the domain i installed it on i get this….

    Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2) in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/95254/domains/ on line 73

    Warning: mysql_error(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /nfs/c06/h04/mnt/95254/domains/ on line 74

    CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS ? I would Greatly appreciate it!

    take it easy! looking forwarding to your support with this.


  365. breauxhouse:

    If this had a timer – it would be perfecto…

  366. sirchadlington:

    Dear SireDesigns,

    Fantastic script, I want to purchase and use it right away but I know you’re working on the new version which is rebuilt from scratch and don’t want to have to later try and move my data over to the new version or upgrade, which will probably be difficult seeing as how you’re rebuilding most of it.

    What is the status/update on the new version? I’m willing to purchase off you right away what you have done and keep getting updates off you, as long as it’s basically workable. Willing to donate as well for your time helping get me working with the new version :D

    Send me a message thanks!

  367. davegregoire:

    I am wondering if it is possible to use this system as payment processor for web orders, instead of just for invoices that you can generate from the system. Doesn’t look like you spend to much time at the moment supporting this so does anybody know if this is possible?

  368. tristanb:

    Hello, What about the update scheduled for june ? thx

  369. tristanb:

    Excuse me, but how do you set compatible to UTF -8 ?

    i changed about all the headers i found (about 15 apges…..) but now I have a client named :

    clément, and if i want to add a invoice to him, it ends with an error (the fields are not all correctly filled)

    error i don’t have with a client named Mary

    and now,

    email goes when i create a client (OK) email does not goes when i create an invoice OR a start a project (NOT OK)


  370. studioleland:


    I would be happy to donate more to the project or sponsor several hours of your time for dev work if you are planning to release any updates (including the gui design from the screenshot you posted once before). Please advise. Thank you.

  371. studioleland:

    Thanks so much for the offer. Sadly, the June update for Clivo fell behind schedule due to multiple clients’ needs taking precedent. The good news is that I have been working on it daily for the past week; adding features, changing the ui, and including completely revamping the code. The new system is dramatically different. It has all the original features Clivo has, projects, invoice, client and message management. The interface has changed from what was posted before.

    The new system is like a combination between Clivo and my other product on CC, Quicktick, with features from Freshbooks thrown in the mix. I am not releasing it until I am satisfied with it, and sure it is bug free.

    Any donations are greatly appreciated. For each donation, I will send a video of me interacting with the system and user interface to that user so the donator can see the updates and progress being made.


  372. studioleland:

    Please shoot me an email with a preview and I will gladly donate. Thank you.

  373. websitedev:


    The invoice in PDF format will be created automatically with the next version?

    Because at the moment it must be created outside the application I know she means!

    thank you very much for your great work.

  374. xetic:

    Should have ability to search for clients by name / company name / phone number / email

    Probably should add some filters for projects by status, read / unread messages, paid / unpaid invoices

  375. turner2f:

    I am truly looking forward to the update for this system.

    It is really nice, but has some basic features that I was surprised not to see.

    1) The main one is that there is no way of composing and the EMAILING the client with a past due notice / bill.

    There should have been some sort of WYSIWYG editor in this script.

    As it stands, any new communication you have with a client is ONLY if they login into their account. Which could be never or a long time later.

    2) The client should have the ability to change their password or username (of course the admin would need to be notified)

    3) The admin should be notified when a client updates their account or makes a payment.

    Great script, though I am not really able to use it until it is updated.

    Will the new version be around September?

  376. ispace:

    Great work!

    How can i change the currency in the client panel?

    many thanks in advance

  377. sirchadlington:

    I’m super excited to buy the new system! I’ll send you an email to donate and get a preview :D

  378. batfan:

    Working great! Really hoping to see invoices auto-generated in the next release :)

    Also, would be great to be able to add ‘Check’ (by mail) as a listed payment method.

  379. DanielNanescu:

    Hi, thanks for this fantastic script. I have problems uploading big file size with it, like 8-10 MB. Is it possible to make it uploading files through an ftp account on an assigned folder in stead of http uploading?

    Thank you

  380. ajrdesigner:

    Hello mate, i’m just translating the file: “lang.**.inc.php” to save as “” and i’d like to know how do i do to validate it to the Clivo’s system?

    Thanks ;-)

  381. ajrdesigner:

    We have another thing.. When we go to PROJECTS > BROWSE > UPLOAD FILES it uploads but when it finishes and i wanna see the pic a window just says: “Click on the images to the right to display them in this viewing pane. Additionally, you can tag images with ‘Notes’.” OK, i go to the pic and click on, but nothing happens.

    Then i try to DOWNLOAD ASSET but comes up a new webpage saying: “Not Found

    The requested URL /administrator/assets/book.jpg was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/2.2.14 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.14 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/ PHP /5.3.2 Server at Port 80”

    When i go to “wwwroot/administrator/assets/” just has a file called: index.php

    So i’m certain that the image file isn’t uploading to the Clivo.

    Do you know what’s going on?

    Thanks a lot ;-)

  382. DanielNanescu:

    Hi ajrdesigner, I had the same issue, it is not a script bug, is just an host issue that doesn’t let you upload big file size, for example on mine it didn’t let me upload to 2 MB size. Tell to your host to increase in the php.ini

    upload_max_filesize (mine is set to 200MB, on webhostingpad)



    And it should work fine.

  383. ajrdesigner:

    Hi DanielNanescu, thank you very much brother ;-) I tried to talk to the webhosting as you said so i hope everything goes fine.

    Appreciate your HELP brother ;-)

  384. siredesigns:

    Wow it’s been a while since I have commented. First, I love seeing other purchasers helping other purchasers. It really is amazing to see the number of followers Clivo has garnered. Second, let me assure the current purchasers, the next version is nearing completion. I want it to be something I am truly happy to release to my awesome buyers and the Envato community as a whole, but at the same time, want to be sure that it functions perfectly after first installation.

    Some Details About The New System The new system has a completely rewritten codebase. The programming design is a MVC -like, but focused on speed and security. My problem with MVC was that it declares too many variables too many times, and relies too heavily on including another file. This system is made to be easily modifiable and extendable, while keeping the core functions safe.

    The database schema is similar, but definitely too different to allow for a simple “Upload via FTP and replace” update.

    Cool Features The new system has a completely reworked QuickTick-like ticketing system, that also integrates with the Messaging system. The new system will also allow for Invoice creation (Not just PDF upload), better notification system, better project management and files management, and a terrific UI. Best all, totally custom template creation (Extremely easy to customize).

    All in all, the new system is up and running, but I need to finish some major components to the messaging and projects management before releasing teaser screencasts for you all :-).

    Expected release date August 24th

  385. batfan:


    Thanks for the update :)

    Looking forward to it VERY much!

  386. Tox:


    Mate first of all let me congratulate you for the excellent work you have done with Clivo is simply amazing !

    I am really looking forward for the next release just cant wait to see it.

    Will just be waiting for the release to purchase it.

    And again keep up the great work you are doing congratulations !

  387. oakline:


    I’m very excited for the upcoming update, especially since your completion date is my birthday. A Clivo release would be a nice birthday bonus!

    But seriously, this is a great web app and I truly appreciate all of your quality work on it. This has proved very useful to me and my freelance business and I hope that eventually I can do more to support its development.

  388. ajrdesigner:

    Hi mate, I’d really need to have inside “Clients” tab the following fields:
    1. Website; 2. Fone number; 3. Mobile number;
    Who knows, getting some reference at this link: on User’s tab?
    Are you gonna put it on your next update release on August 24th? I really expect it so much! I’m waiting for your answer brother..

    Thanks a lot ;-)

  389. ajrdesigner:

    I meant this link:


  390. postidol:

    Hey there. Great product. I have literally tried every one on here and I came back to this one. I love it. Thank you. One question, on the new updates are there plans to have some sort of backup system installed? Or is there already one there and I am just blind? It would be a good feature, especially if you are running with 100 clients and your server goes down and loses all the data, it’d be awesome to have a backup/restore function?

    Please let me know. And thanks again! Great product. Just gave it 5 stars.

  391. postidol:

    Is it bad that I am having a very hard time waiting for August 24th? Stop the torment Tommy!!! lol. Can’t wait!

  392. hitentertainment:

    Does this have a project timer with start and stop?

  393. AkhiJoe:


    Why on earth mine here doesn’t do anything on it’s install.php?


    Please help me~ :( It ask me to create the config.php manually. BUT where to put it?

    I even had already CMOD 777 to install.php. Doesn’t work too…

  394. sirchadlington:

    Hey Tom!

    Any way to see even a sneaky peaky of the new UI? Anything!? August 24th is too far away. I’m anxious :-)

  395. AkhiJoe:

    please help mee.. :(

    Sir Tom, it isn’t working here..


  396. AkhiJoe:

    Replied via email. Thanks!

  397. sirchadlington:


  398. postidol:

    One more day!!! Ah crap…..Are you submitting on the 24th? Then we have to wait for Envato to approve it?

  399. siredesigns:

    I have your email, postidol, and will try to send it to you via that :-). As far as submitting it to CodeCanyon again, I am running into some interesting snags. Let me say right up from, no matter what, tomorrow night, I will be putting a full length screencast online.

    Anyways, back to what has been happening lately: I have been in talks with Envato regarding the licensing of Clivo, and the fact that Clivo is now extremely easy to download illegally online. I have sent the websites to them that are doing this, but was told that I have to file a DMCA to them on my own and there’s not much they can do. I don’t want to get charged from my lawyer friend, and the FBI does not go after petty theft online.

    I am finishing developing a way to make sure that only someone who has purchased the application can indeed install it. Additionally, this prohibits the application from being installed by a given username more than once. However, this is my personal script check and I am unsure at how Envato feels about using their API in such a way. They said that currently this is not possible; it is, I am just trying to determine if I am able to do it. This is because the use will have to put in their username, password and/or API key.

    A long story short, and thousands of hours later, many of the 305 purchasers of Clivo have decided to redistribute it over the internet. I want to make sure that this update, and all my hard work, do not fall into the black hole of the internet warez and torrent sites.

    Let me promise all my purchasers, whatever I decided to do, you will receive an extreme discount if not a free download to the newest version.

  400. _jd:


    The internet has a lot of advantages but indeed also a lot of disadvantages, Isn’t a way to include the username of the one who downloaded it from their account in a encrypted file, Then, when you see an illegal file on the internet you know who distributed it and you can fight it better.

    But even the biggest scripts on the internet are distributed illegally, It’s also an honor that people like your script so much they request it in big amounts on the internet….

  401. postidol:

    Hey Tommy. Thank you very much, and thanks fo the repsonse. As someone who deals with many clients everyday who are also concerned with piracy, I can definitely relate to your concerns. Here’s some food for thought…

    One of my clients, a records label, deals with this even more so, with the decline of cd sales and easily bootlegged MP3s. The conclusion we ultimately came to was that the money needs to be made back in another form. For the music industry, it’s live shows. More and more, the record labels are looking at the albums as promotional tools for the artists rather than the actual product, like they did in the past. The actual revenue generating product now is the stuff that really CAN ’t get bootlegged or pirated and that is the live ‘experience’ seeing your favorite band perform. So, concert prices have more than tripled in the last decade.

    So, how does that translate to the Clivo application? Well, I guess the first thing to realize is that you could drive yourself absolutely crazy thinking about how to protect your software and hard work. But, maybe the idea would be to think outside the box?! Think of a way to keep the price of the software reasonable and make up the costs of losses in some other form. ie: installation service. OR, maybe you could make it that Sire Designs has to perform the installations. Though I am not sure if this is alot of work or not?!

    I wish I had an answer for you Tommy. I think you are a talented code writer and would like to see you always get the compensation you deserve for your work. Hopefully some of my words here spark some new, innovative anti-piracy ideas. :)

  402. sirchadlington:

    Hey Tom! I sent you an email so you have my email as well (i’ll send another). I’d love to have the script right away tomorrow if CCanyon causes problems… I definitely won’t want to have to wait longer.. very anxious :D Can pay directly over PayPal or purchase clivo 1.0 on CC for the new version.

    As for protecting the script, it’s unfortunate that coders go through so much effort and time coding something and then someone decides to not pay for that hard work. But before taking measures to protect it and lock it up, keep in mind the users who are legitimately buying it.. we want to be able to modify it and play around with it! That’s what’s so good about buying scripts from Code Canyon! Please oh please oh please don’t encrypt the files!

  403. sirchadlington:

    Hey Tom,

    What about using PayPal API to verify the purchase and we type in our payment receipt number PayPal gives us, as well as our PayPal e-mail to verify the purchase?

  404. siredesigns:

    Thanks for all the support guys. postidol, that is a good point. I got a call from Arizona about strategies for monetizing the script a bit more (People have been really supportive of this script! It’s amazing, I’ve had calls from Cali, Tennessee, Missouri, Florida, Brazil…. it’s crazy.)

    Customization is definitely one way I play to monetize a bit more. Clivo was coded in a way that was not effective for me to create addons and modules for it. I completed recoded the new version in an MVC pattern (helper classes instead of M… really interesting programming design actually, haha.), so updating it and modifying it should be easier for everyone.

    Just got your email sirchadlington. Thanks for the support and interest! As far as the Paypal receipt number… that’s a great idea. Let me look into that a bit more.

    I am still getting Paypal integrated, and sadly have had to let go for the time being, as least for this version.

    Thanks for the support guys. You rock.

  405. sirchadlington:

    Getting PayPal integrated would be fantastic Tom.

    Custom work is the way to go on this! People would pay over $100 to get some good custom work done to customize it to their needs! I know I would :)

  406. postidol:

    That’s really cool Tommy! Hey, when you’re on to something, you’re on to something. It’s undeniable.

    I think the fact is that you have written an already very “usable” script with Clivo. I know my clients have loved it so far. And with the new launch, I think it’s really going to, not only do well for you and Sire Designs’ name…but it will also amp up the bar for the quality of competing scripts on Code Canyon.

    You’re setting a new standard my friend, you should definitely be proud of that. You’re offering a super quality product and not raking people over the coals financially for it. That’s why, like sirchadlington said, people will pay a little extra for modifications.

    So, THAT , very well could be your make-up $$ area. :)

    Now, I am going to go bury myself in my work, cause this next 24hrs is going by way too slow, lol….

  407. sirchadlington:

    haha I second exactly what postidol said. Your work is top notch Tommy! The products definitely set the bar, I mean look at all the stuff that came out after Clivo… it wasn’t nearly as good and they are nearly all trying to catch up in the project management category. This is going to hopefully blow them all away again and raise the bar :D

    Your script are reasonably priced which is what makes Sire Designs so well respected… and makes me willing to pay extra money to get customizations not only because we trust you since you’ve treated us with a nice great for a good price, but also because I like financially supporting those that do great work. You treat us well, we’ll treat you well Tommy :)

  408. tristanb:

    can’t wait til the new version i already checked this page each days since the 2 past month to get updates.

  409. postidol:

    Oh, the hours tread slowly….

  410. sirchadlington:

    Today seems to be going so slow….. Tommy…. ;-)

  411. dblqpoet:

    I’ve been waiting to buy this file because i read that the new file will be released on August 24 (today). Is this still going to happen or should I get this version of the files now? thanks and I’m REALLY looking forward to using it!!!

  412. tristanb:

    yeah, today is sooo long.

  413. papaman:

    okay I’m a bit worried we won’t see anything today :(

  414. postidol:

    Keep the wolves at bay Tommy. Give us a status report my friend. :)


  415. tristanb:

    oh crap, almost 20:00 PM and still nothing….. =’(

  416. postidol:

    Lol, I guess it depends where you live tristanb. It’s only 10AM here and I think Sire Designs is in the US which means at most it’s 1PM where he is.

  417. siredesigns:

    @tristanb, postidol is right, just 1PM here :-).

    I will be definitely posting a screencast highlighting all the features in a few hours, but due to some small bugs I want to hammer out, and getting the OK from Jeffrey Way on how to implement a security check, the actual CodeCanyon download date has to be pushed back a little.

    Send me a message through my profile and I will send you the ZIP minus the security installation check when it is done.

  418. dblqpoet:

    Thank you for the update!

  419. sirchadlington:

    Sent you a msg via your profile e-mail box. Looking to get the zip tonight :D Just not sure how you want me to purchase it.

  420. postidol:

    I sent the email as well. Gosh I feel like a kid in a candy store, don’t you sirchadlington?

  421. sirchadlington:

    haha yes, very much. Can’t wait to see this thing finally and be able to install it tonight and play around with it!!! It’s been a long time coming :)

  422. tristanb:

    nah nah nah i sent the mail yesterday and today, no way you get one before me !!


  423. postidol:

    Ya, but tristanb….you look like you’re getting a little sleepy my friend. Maybe yiou will have to wait until morning?! Hahahahahahaha! Just kidding! Just playing around with you. We’re all excited!!! :) Tommy seems like a good guy. I’m sure he’ll take care of us loyal supporters.

  424. sirchadlington:

    haha :D

  425. tristanb:

    no way, i’m not sleeping until i’ve got my copy

    it’s 22:10PM. it’ll be a long long night !

  426. siredesigns:

    @tristanb, Like I said in the message above, I cant see that it will be on CC today, or be released until I have implemented the security check. Addtionally, I thought about it, and I don’t want a single zip of the application being released with out the security check (Envato API integration). For this reason, i don’t think the file will be uploaded on CC, nor can I send it out via email just yet.

    However, stay awake another 2-3 hours (it’s 4:25PM here) and you will be able to check out the great screencast I am putting together :-)

    I just sent you an email in the meantime which I think you will appreciated :-)

  427. postidol:

    @siredesigns Grrrr… Well, as I said, I understand completely. Take your time man. I mean, we’ve waited this long, lol :)

  428. turner2f:

    Um, I don’t sees no screencast, man.

    I don’t sees no screencast, man.

    I don’t sees no screencast, man.

    I don’t sees no screencast, man.

    I don’t sees no screencast, man.

    Where be dat screencast?

  429. postidol:

    7:15pm Tommy…no pressure…Hahahahaha!! :)

  430. turner2f:

    Where be dat screencast?

  431. turner2f:

    It’s coming… it’s coming… hold your horses…. :-)

  432. postidol:

    8:24pm Tommy’s time. He’s starting to burn the midnight oil I’ll bet. Godspeed Tommy Sire!! lol ;)

  433. tristanb:

    ok it’s 3.00 am i gotta sleep now …



  434. postidol:

    Hey Tommy. Just checkin’ in. Where we at?!

  435. postidol:

    On its way. Look for it around 11:15 PM… and yes, I am a slow poke. :-)

  436. postidol:

    Hahaha, no problem at all. Just excited. :) I will be up working anyways, ugh!

  437. postidol:

    11:26 :P

  438. siredesigns:

    Alrighty everyone! Thanks for being so patient!!! I am getting the screencast together as I write this, then uploading it (It’s going to be a couple dozen Megabytes, so, bear with me….)

    It’s a basic overview of the main features that it will employ. It only goes through the administrator end as I am still working out kinks in the client front end. It goes through everything having to do with the Projects section, and gives a sneak peak of the Invoices section.

    Again, thanks for being such great followers!

  439. sirchadlington:

    Looking forward to the screencast.

    There’s no idea how long the CC API security thing will take, seeing as how they’ve given you problems already and say its not possible. This could delay things days if not weeks…

    I dont want to rush you, cause we all definitely want to see it perfected first. But it sounds like you already have it coded and ready to go.. its just this security API thing holding it back? Seeing as how there’s only a few of us begging to get the files, I’m sure if anything does end up leaking out it’s pretty dang easy to know who it was. Is there some other sort of quick security measure you can put in place to get things out faster? ;-)

    Thanks Tommy for all the crazy crazy effort you’ve put in this! So awesome!!!

  440. postidol:

    Aaaah we gotta cut Tommy some slack. He’s been bustin’ his ass. And the final result will be worth the wait. You rock Tommy.

  441. sirchadlington:

    Tommy’s dedication to getting this out the door and working non-stop just shows how great of a guy he is in wanting to satisfy his customers! Truly a class act. I can’t wait to get some custom coding done too :D

  442. postidol:

    I think he fell asleep, lol.

  443. siredesigns:

    Nope! Just pulling an almost all-nighter (Now my turn to sleep :-)

    Here is the screen cast, as promised, just late:

    I hope you guys do like what you see so far. The user interface is not done, and I am going to be making finishing the design aspects tomorrow to make it look professional. Don’t worry, this is all I will be doing tomorrow (Argh… later today…)

    If you accidentally go to you can see my plans I had for it, with a description and screenshots. And yes, I was going to rename the system to Bosco, but that probably won’t happen, so no worries there.

    Thanks for your patience. I appreciate the support.

  444. muriloserrano:


  445. hurrymonkey:

    looks cool :)

  446. sirchadlington:

    Hey Tommy! Looking great!! I like the new clean UI. The invoice builder looks like it’s exactly what I was hoping it would be! Also love the facebook-like auto-complete you put in the messages center, and how each project has a nice progress bar so it’s easy to quickly see progress of all projects! Assigning tasks to staff members also looks nice under the project view. Can’t wait :-)

  447. postidol:

    Very nice Tommy….Can’t wait!

  448. batfan:

    Looks awesome! Can’t wait :)

  449. mforsman:

    Can’t wait to get home and watch the video! Is this going to be free for people who have previously purchased it or are we going to have to buy it again? Either or, I’ll be a happy customer.


  450. postidol:

    You gettign some much deserved rest Tommy? Not to pester you, but give us an update when you get a moment ;)

  451. postidol:

    Got a whole lot of sleep! Thanks :-)

    Update: - Finishing the layouts for the Discussion and Files page. - Finalizing front Dashboard Charts and Statistics. - Get logging integrated with Messages (Forgot to add this… ugh.)

    I’ll send out another Screencast late tonight again tonight so you can see the progress.

    I am working hard on this, obviously that 24th date has come and gone.

    On another note, with the release of the new author rates, I am trying to determine the best course of action as well as release date to get this file back to the front page again. Do not worry, everyone who has been emailing me and posting on this well recently will receive the new version without any additional cost.

  452. batfan:

    Sounds awesome, Tommy. Can’t wait to see :)

  453. muriloserrano:

    Just a question… will the databases be compatible with the current version?

    After I Installed I noticed a new version is almost ready.. shall I wait to input data or can i begin using it? Thanks

  454. tristanb:

    oh delayed again….


    :crazy: :impatient: :crazy:

    omg, i need some sleep i guess :p

  455. postidol:

    Keep up the hard work Tommy. We’ll be here when it’s finished :)

  456. constructivevisual:

    Tommy How hard will it be for one of us to integrate a GST section into your new invoice section of the site?

    BTW it’s looking extremely good!

  457. sirchadlington:


    Re: the security discussion, have you checked out FreshKiller, an app that FreshFace created for TF authors?

  458. postidol:

    @sirchadlington, WOW ! That’s awesome. I am forwarding that link to a few of my clients that could really benefit from it. Nice work!

  459. creativa4:

    the new version looks great!! congrats! looking foward to download it for free, je!

  460. creativa4:

    Thanks a bunch! I am actually in the process of trying to figure out the best about releasing this. It is a completely new system, so I am still communicating with Envato and some of buyers regarding the best of distributing this product. No matter what, Clivo will stay online here, and I am going to actively support it. Whether or not the application in the screencast will be exactly what Clivo will be transformed into is something I am still unsure about. I will keep you all posted.

  461. turner2f:

    UH Oooooooooh.

    So this might not be given as an free upgrade to those of us that purchased CLIVO after all?

  462. sirchadlington:

    Hmm.. sounds like you’re going to hold back what was in the screencast and release it yourself elsewhere? :-(

  463. creativa4:

    I think theres a lot of people here that contribute to make a better clivo, finding bugs, giving feedback, and also helping with translations..(4 ex i send you guys a spanish version), It would be nice to have an upgrade of the system at least for who already bought the old clivo, the new system seems to be much better, and my clients would be much happier to interact with this new platform. After creating some much expectation, I bealive we deserve the possibility of getting the upgrade, free or at least with some discount as you said before.

  464. postidol:

    Hey all. I think it’s evident that Tommy has a great product on his hands, and to be honest I think he’s being a smart business man, taking his time and giving this much thought into how to present the new system to the masses.

    I can say that all I have seen in his comments here is that he is thankful for the support we have all shown him. I have never seen an author on Code Canyon give so much to his waiting public. He’s trying to keep us all in the loop…but I can appreciate the fact that there are probably some elements that he needs to work out before this new release that we shouldn’t be privee to.

    I have about 50+ client plugged into the current incarnation of Clivo….and while I am just as eager as anyone else for this new system, and I know my clients will love it, I do realize the work that is involved and the hassle that can go into trying to protect your work.

    We all have to remember that if Tommy doesn’t take this time to work out the best way to launch the new system, and it ends up being a big pirated nightmare or something, then he may very well just throw his hands up and say “What’s the point” and stop writing good systems for us. I don’t want that!

    So, let’s cut him some slack. Get back to our work, as I am sure we are all very busy…and Tommy, I’m sure, will let us die hard folllowers know when something definitive has been established

    *Note: these are just my thoughts and opinions. No offense meant to anyone, and I definitely don’t want anyone to think I am speaking for Tommy. I am just calling it the way I see it. ;)

    Let’s all remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” and of course “Good things come to those who wait!”

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted Tommy, as I’m sure you will. :)

  465. turner2f:

    Say it ain’t so, Tommy!

    Say it ain’t so! :crying: :crying: :crying:

    OOOooooh the anticipation unrealized. OOOOOoooooh the pain!!

    This isn’t fair. OOOOOOooooooh the humanity!!! :crying::crying: :crying:

    Is this going to be sold elsewhere? And not as an upgrade to CLIVO ?

    Say it ain’t so, Tommy!

    Say it ain’t sooooooo! :crying: :crying: :crying:

  466. disgramm:

    Is it working for anybody? I just bought it and it isn’t working. Nor have I received any answer from Tommy.

  467. postidol:

    Mine’s working fine. ;)

  468. sirchadlington:

    Hopefully we hear from Tommy soon.

    @postidol, your points are all valid. I think what is frustrating most of us is that there was so much anticipation and the launch date passes and now there’s talk of it not being released on CC or in the form seen in the screencast. Confused… not sure what’s going on. I know that I’ve specifically been really patient and held off on buying competing scripts in order to use Tommy’s new system. I just don’t know how much longer I can wait.. :(

  469. postidol:

    @sirchadlington, I hear you. Just trying to give some positive points to keep things in perspective. I’m waiting just like everyone. But Tommy seems like a cool guy and I’m sure he’ll do right by us loyal followers ;) Keep the faith!

  470. Tox:


    It would be nice to know whats going to happen here, I am very interested in the product but need to know where the product its going to be sold, here or else where please advice, looking forward to your reply.


  471. DanielNanescu:

    Any news?????

  472. constructivevisual:

    Any chance for a status update on this project please Tommy?

  473. tristanb:

    ............. silence radio…

  474. batfan:

    Agreed. I checked this page like 10 times yesterday :P

  475. tristanb:

    onlye 10 times ? ;p

  476. davegregoire:

    Is there any way to import clients form a CSV ? I would like to use this to process orders as well as import the clients who directly purchase on my website through paypal. Paypal will allow me to export a CSV . Even if it is something I have to use some other tool to accomplish, do you know of a way to do this? I had asked before but no answer, is there a way to use clivo to process the “Buy Now” paypal button my site?

  477. Svipic:

    Is there anyway to add PDF invoice for download ?

  478. tristanb:

    seems live clivo 2.0 is never going to be released. :/

  479. tristanb:

    Clivo 2.0 was released a while ago… currently, it’s version 2.5.1 :-).

    On another note, I was unable to work as much as I had planned on it due to a family matter, and then school starting up again. I am still developing it, don’t worry. Public release dates always seem possible, but always underestimate unanticipated delays. Now with school starting, I am tackling multiple responsibilities at once. Don’t worry, I have been working all day on the next version, however, it seems to be taking on a life of its own as far as being a web application.

  480. turner2f:

    So is the CLIVO that we saw in the video cast (screen cast) going to be released here or elsewhere?

    And will it be an upgrade for all that have bought it here on Code Canyon?

  481. Cullywobbles:


    I bought a copy of Clivo last week and think it is absolutely fantastic and amazing value for money.

    If and when a new version does arrive here on codecanyon or elsewhere, I for one would be more than happy to pay for it again. I appreciate the effort and time you are putting into the creation of the next version, which looks great.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a great product and making it available at such a great price!

  482. Cullywobbles:

    Thank you Cullywobbles. It’s the random phone calls, emails, and even text messages I receive that help keep my inspiration going for these projects. Cheers.

  483. sirchadlington:

    Hi Tommy

    Keep up the hard work, while it seems I’m going to have to look elsewhere to suit my needs for now as I can’t wait much longer, I’ll keep checking back to see updates about the new Clivo’s release.

  484. sirchadlington:

    Sorry to hear that sirchadington, but totally understand. I hope you find a good alternative for the right price. Perhaps whent he time comes that you don’t find anything, a new version will be released.

  485. Tox:

    Hi Tommy

    Any update on Clivo ? are you going to release the new version here ? will it be release elsewhere ? please can you keep us posted on this, I am very interested in this great software and would like to know how to proceed.


  486. Tox:

    I’ll keep you posted. I have no decided on whether to release the new version (in the screen cast) on CodeCanyon, or to sell it on my own. Until Envato releases a more sure-fire way of securing files, or at least helping to prevent their illegal distribution, I am leaning towards selling it elsewhere. However, this is not certain, and rumor is that Envato is indeed working on this. We’ll see.

  487. batfan:

    Wow . . . still nothing :P

  488. batfan:

    Progress is being made… Let me assure you.

  489. batfan:

    I’m sure it is :)

    Sorry Tommy, I didn’t mean to sound impatient. I’m just really excited to see the new version and we hadn’t had an update in a while.

    Hope to see it soon.

  490. tristanb:


    Any updates ?

  491. adamelder:

    My permalinks are not working. The links that get sent out for the invoices take you to a page:

    The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

  492. adamelder:

    nevermind. SSL related.

  493. adamelder:

    Is there any way to have the attached file be included as an attachment within the client’s notification email?

  494. adamelder:

    Attachments, especially large ones, would bog down the server or take a while to send. I don’t have plans to intergate sending attachments in the email. PDF Invoices is something that I wanted to incorporate, so when the Client logs in to view the invoice, they actually view the PDF invoice from Quickbooks (for example) from there.

  495. papaman:

    I quit.

    This doesn’t worth my time and attention any more. We’re waiting for almost a year for the new version and nothing…

    Even if this guy releases the new version and at some point we need a fix or an update. What will happen then? We will wait for another year? No way buddy… I prefer to pay for a more professional script or some membership project management site.

    Right now I’m using and I’m thinking on trying Ultimate Client Manager (

  496. papaman:

    When people take the time to send me a personal email, I respond personally.

    This script was surely worth the $12-$25 it was sold for. If you want something amazing prepare to pay much more for it, or wait it out. When people explain the problem they are having with their script, I get their FTP details, login, and fix it. Many times it’s an extra feature they want. I still do this and don’t ask for anything in return.

    School is taking precedent right now, so yes, I have been extremely busy. I have had to wait a little longer to release a new version, just like you have. I wish this was my full time job. However, it pays dollars for a full-days work.

    If you want something extra, send me a message and I’ll give you a quote. Otherwise, this script is being used by hundreds and works great, and it very worth the $25 one-time fee. No other standalone script integrates with Paypal and for such a small price.

  497. turner2f:

    This integrates with PayPal and

    I downloaded this script late last year and was not aware that it has a payment gateway integration.

    When was this added?

    Will The CLIVO that was showcased in your screencast feature this?

    Also, what are the “unprogrammed” features that we are waiting on before CLIVO 3 .0 will be released as an upgrade here on Code Canyon?

    Your screencast made it appear that CLIVO 3 .0 was on the verge of being ready.

    Why not release what you have and we can see if it is sufficient for ourselves?

    CLIVO 2 .0 – 2.5 is more than fairly priced but once I installed it I found that certain features were kind of “choppy” or “difficult” or “basically missing”.

    There were basic features that no one would noticeably know about just from playing with the online demo version until they installed it themselves and became more interactive with it.

    Not a bad script especially at the price, but it has been mentioned by enough posters that it is not as useable or effective as we thought.

    Certainly the “constructive” input from those of your respectable buyers has to have had some kind of positive value toward your product.

    So if it you would release to us what you have now I am certain it would be appreciated, unless you have a very good reason not to do so for our benefit.

    If the product is FAR from ready it would be nice if you were to communicate that with us.

    I think that is what many of us has asked for (IE- Some timely communication).

    All said and done, I am not able to really use it at all. Not effectively anyway. But the script definitely has potential.

  498. turner2f:

    It has always worked with and Paypal since the second month it was released; please see the Item description/features, it has been there since they were added.

    It was on the verge, however the extra features, like PDF creation, custom project features, and others were not implemented. Also, logging is another thing that has been a real pain to sort out.

    It has also been mentioned by the majority of users that it is usable and very functional. Not to mention the 1,000+ downloads it receives from other Warez sites.

    Communicating via this thread honestly is frustration. There’s more than 20 pages of the same problems all being responded to and fixed. However, people only look at the last 6 posts and complain. I value my time more than those who don’t have enough courtesy to look into the problem value it.

    I am sorry you are not able to effectively able to use it. However, this is a shortfall of understanding how to best use it, instead of a shortfall of Clivo itself.

    I appreciate the support, especially from a buyer. Those who take time to give constructive criticism I deeply respect.

  499. turner2f:

    Thanks for the reply. It would be inconsiderate of anyone not to expect you to take time for yourself and your personal life.

    Speaking only for myself, I spent about two weeks trying to manipulate or add other PHP scripts to this one so that it would fulfill my own needs. But like everyone else, we only have so many days or weeks to dedicate to a project.

    I think what many of us are wanting are direct answers to just two things…

    1) Is the new CLIVO 3 .0 going to be sold here at Code Canyon?

    2) Will it be given as a free upgrade to those of us that have already purchased the 1.0 – 2.5 version?

    These two questions above have been made and have not been directly answered throughout the past three weeks.

    We all just want to know whether it is a “Yes” or a “No” on both of these questions.

    To not get a timely and direct answer can lead to posters / buyers getting anxiously frustrated. Anyone would be.

    You have a product that has greater potential than the existing version, and we are only human, trying to be patient as we await a direct answer on the two forementioned questions.

    So is it “Yes” or “No”?

  500. adamelder:

    I would like to force start the invoice number so that it corresponds with my existing quickbooks. For example, I need the invoice numbers to start at 10621. Where can I set this?

    For the record – awesome product. I look forward to all of your future releases.

  501. chinty:

    Hi Tom,

    i send you an email a couple of days ago? Did you receive it?

    Ist about the SaaS and Clivo 3.0

  502. wastral:

    Hi Tom,

    I like your code. I am considering purchasing, but after reading through the comments, I am having some reservations. You mentioned that you are considering selling the “Screen cast version” 3.0 I believe, some place else. If so, does that mean the current version on CC won’t be updated. I would like to purchase the 3.0 version, but the uncertainty of where this update or any future updates will be sold has me concerned. If you sell Clivo 3.0 elsewhere, where might that be. I would, and I think many others would appreciate some clarification on this matter. Any time frame? Or is it totally up to CC to securer the files and if they do will you continue to update Clivo at CC. lol. I hope this doesn’t come across to pushy, I just really like what I saw in the screen cast of Clivo 3.0.

    Cheers Darren

  503. sirchadlington:

    Any updates for us Tommy? :)

  504. medicalIT:

    Any updates for us. Please let us know. I am considering purchasing…..

  505. boda82:


    You can change the start value for the databases AUTO _INCREMENT sequence. If you have access to your servers phpMyAdmin then you can access your Clivo database, select the SQL tab, and enter the following:

    ALTER TABLE invoices AUTO _INCREMENT=10621

    Disclaimer: As always, BACKUP your database before making any changes to it.

  506. sirchadlington:

    Hopefully Tommy still working on it. I know school can be time consuming!!

  507. postidol:

    Hi guys!

    I just gotta say, regardless I still love the current incarnation of Clivo. I use it daily, excessively! It is easily, hands down the best, most usable script on CC.

    And I have even customized mine with extra pages, and combined other scripts from CC and more features and buttons….course Tommy had to rescue me once, as the chat application I installed into it was messing things up, lol. But Tommy went in and fixed it so that it worked and for a way too reasonable fee ;) This current version of Clivo is so easily customizable to include other scripts, and I am a severe PHP Noob!

    So bottomlime, personally, it’s actually getting to the point that if a new Clivo or Bosco never comes out…I’m content that I still got a wicked product from Tommy with excellent support!!


    Just needed to be said. :)

  508. batfan:

    Hope we hear something soon :P

    I’m really anxious to port all my customers over to Clivo but, I just can’t do that until the invoice creation feature is added.

  509. RomeoLab:

    I have already send an email but im asking here too.

    I wanted to add the ALBANIAN language but that is not listed throught the other languages. I created the file and added define(‘ALBANIAN’,’Albanian’); under the other languages. After that I open the file settings.php in the admin folder and add this line: <?php echo ALBANIAN ?>

    But nothing happen… Maybe I have to change other files in order to add this language. Can you say me please wich files are this ones?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  510. blingcart:

    The live preview just goes to an invoice. i would really like to see how this script works.

  511. postidol:

    @blingcart: It’s great product. I use it heavily and have even customized it for my own needs. I have over 40 clients plugged into it, and I’ve been utilizing every feature of it throughout my daily schedule. It’s quickly becoming a real asset for me. Just my 2 cents.

  512. addamz:

    I just bought Clivo, but I’m very disappointed, because I can’t use special characters in messages, project names…everywhere. I’m from Slovakia and we are using special characters in our language and now is Clivo for me useless.

  513. wastral:

    I just noticed that the image tags don’t work in ie7?

    Is this going to be fixed? in the next update

  514. wastral:

    Maybe update with jQuery-Notes 2.0

  515. gnim:

    Hi siredesigns,

    Clivo is a great development with nice features, but the view invoices function dosent work, amongst other functions. I upload the invoices but when clients click to see invoices the links are broken.

    Any idea when a fix will be available? I would appreciate some help asap.


  516. turner2f:


    I think what many of us are wanting are direct answers to just two things…

    1) Is the new CLIVO 3 .0 going to be sold here at Code Canyon?

    2) Will it be given as a free upgrade to those of us that have already purchased the 1.0 – 2.5 version?

    These two questions above have been made and have not been directly answered throughout the past two months.

    We all just want to know whether it is a “Yes” or a “No” on both of these questions.

    To not get a timely and direct answer can lead to posters / buyers getting anxiously frustrated. Anyone would be.

    You have a product that has greater potential than the existing version, and we are only human, trying to be patient as we await a direct answer on the two forementioned questions.

    So is it “Yes” or “No”?

  517. gnim:

    Hey siredesigns!

    CLIVO IS GREAT ! Congrats on this awesome development.

    I have an issue though: The messages are not being sent to the clients email address..Is there any config I need to change in order for that to happen? For example, when I add a client, the welcome message or any “new invoice” message does not get to the clients (I’ve tried my own email as well)

    I’ld appreciate some help … Thanks!

  518. Siemster:

    Hi There,

    Is it possible for a client to add/start a project and uploading a file? After that he will get a invoice/quote.

  519. sirchadlington:

    Author hasn’t posted in a while, Clivo 3.0 seems to not be coming :(

  520. boda82:

    Any news on the new version? Thanks!

  521. leguisfashion:


    I have my website made in wordpress, I wonder if clivo can be implemented so that when a user connects to my blog, also automatically connect to clivo.

    would greatly appreciate your help or know if you have any cost.

    Congratulations for your scripts, I think as a suggestion that should integrate the script clivo with quicktick too.


    Best regards

  522. DaytonFlyer:

    So… 2 months since a response from the author. That’s Interesting, I would make other plans.

  523. chinty:

    Hm i followed the creating of clivo 3 a while and al my messegaes where not answered, i realy hope that bosco is coming i will like it and i will pay more than fro clivo to have it.

    So please please release the new script or iam will buy the code for bosco :-(

  524. eblive:

    Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given in /home/enton/public_html/myarea/admin/invoices.php on line 129

    I get this error in the admin section, How do we fix that?

    Also a few suggestions: 1) Support for Canadian provinces and a country addon. 2) Footer Include File so we don’t have to keep on removing the developer info at the bottom of all the pages. 3) A friendly theme system, so we can develop our own themes instead of just using css. 4) To make this app even better, add a mobile theme for movile devices like regular mobile, iphone and blackberry. 5) Add a option for clients to create projects, this way they can request what they need and the admin approves to start production. and finally 6) Add a coupon option so clients can enter coupons when paying invoices.


  525. siredesigns:

    Hey everyone,

    First things first, let me apologize for Clivo being disabled on CodeCanyon, I did not disable it. What occurred was someone set the system to accept Test Authorize.NET payments which forces Clivo to run in SSL . Long story short, my SSL certificate had expired in the middle of us changing hosts. I realized that this would be a chance for me to work on Bosco (A completely different system to Clivo) and work has come along very well. Additionally, finishing up my last two semesters of college and still working with my brother on our consulting/web design business, demanded more of me than I thought.

    After a few months of coding Bosco, I took another look at Clivo. I realized that it is still used by hundreds of freelancers and small businesses, and there’s no need to replace it with a completely new system, which would have a few less features while sporting one or two others. Therefor, I will begin to support it for those who have purchased it, and for those who purchase it in the future, while still developing Bosco.

    The newest version that you can download is Version 2.5.2. It is an update with general bug fixes and improvements to the code. Please check the front page Item Details for the full news release. Thanks for your patience.

  526. mcnuggets86:

    thanks, this is one of the best files on the entire code canyon site. also thanks for getting in touch with me a few months back and assisting me with my paypal issue.

  527. turner2f:

    Welcome back.

    Is there a 3.0 version or will it be BOSCO ?

  528. g30gli:

    Please make Clivo support unicode (Greek and many other languages) that have special characters.

    PLEASE !!!

  529. g30gli:

    This is something that has to be modified by the Meta tags as well as the Database side, which is not something that would be easily done upon an installation of Clivo (Since the database must already be created). See this link for more details: as it will point you in the right direction to get it working.

  530. imartingraham:

    Is Clivio build on top of a PHP framework? I’m interested in buying this and possibly extending it.

  531. imartingraham:

    It is not built ontop of a framework. It was coded, procedurally. If you like, send me a message from my Profile page and I’ll send you a page so you can see how it was coded. It is easy for a beginner/novice to understand. more advanced PHP users may have wanted a framework to make the system more modular—however, this was not the route I took. Basically, it easy to customize and add features to.

  532. CosmoTim:


    I’m definitely gonna buy your nice and well-structured app to try out! We want to request a custom-made version IF you can implement in the latter version a Dutch payment gateway called iDeal (see: and

    This is a well-known widely used payment method integrated with the top 6 banks in Holland.

    Do you offer customization at all?

  533. WebProject:


  534. boda82:

    Rock on. Glad to see you revived the project. Do you have a timeline for Bosco? (Or will Bosco even be the same as your previous demo video?)

  535. misstheresa2009:

    Pre Sales Question:


    I’ve been searching the internet looking for a client proofing/management script and this seems to be the best one. I’m getting ready to make a purchase but I have two questions.

    1.) Is there anyway for me to add AlertPay & Google payment options for my clients? I only see Paypal and but is there a workaround that will allow me to give my clients more options?


    2.) Can I change the look and feel of this script to match the design of my website? Can I add a logo and change the login box?


  536. misstheresa2009:

    Thanks for your interest.

    1.) There is a way to do this, however custom integration could be tough. What you would basically do is have to create a separate PHP processor for your AlertPay & Google Payment… if you are familiar with PHP then this shouldn’t be too problematic. The ability to add custom notes/transaction details in the “transactions” database table allows for custom transaction names. Basically, in the backend, you could see that someone paid through “Google Payment”, it doesn’t just say Paypal by default. This is a big feature though, so it may be tough to implement.

    2.) Absolutely. You can code your own custom theme, or hire me to theme the template based on your website :-). But, yes, there is a separate CSS file, and is very theme-able.

  537. edusa2000:

    Can anyone tell us what this is??? I cannot upload images. I am trying to upload logo.jpg from global settngs

    Warning: move_uploaded_file() [function.move-uploaded-file]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/usr/local/apache/htdocs/invoice/images/logo.jpg) is not within the allowed path(s): (/home/:/usr/lib/php:/tmp) in /home/a5459504/public_html/invoice/admin/settings.php on line 162

  538. turati2712:

    Hello, I enjoyed your system and I found very interesting and would like to know? 1. you make frequent updates of the system. 2. would put in the admin, a system to change currency 3. would put more status for the project, expecting something like material, waiting analysis. 4. the graphic field, would put more months before and after, to see the graph of transactions Thank you and Merry Christmas

  539. ancel:


    Really interesting app. I have been looking round all the project management apps on Codecanyon.

    I played around with your demo but I found no way for an admin to increase a customer’s credits.

    Any insights on this?

  540. aswinkarthik:

    hi, I am planning on buying this if there are 2 features available. 1, Project status should be updated custom by admin 2, The client panel should have search for projects from invoice number.

    Please mail tell me if you can add these. mail me @

  541. EZfanpage:

    Ok although it’s hard to admit
    But i have to say that this script works great!
    You can use it as an invoice or as a support ticket

    Just to give some idea if you don’t mind:
    1. Add wysiwyg editor to the message
    2. Add a notification (like FB) for any new incoming msg
    3. Add an edit button in the message
    4. Add a ‘Make Payment’ button in the Project section (beside the dashboard)
    5. Add ‘Offline Payment/Bank Transfer’ option in the payment (beside Paypal & credit) with an upload button for the client to upload the scanned receipt.
    6. Add a Testimonial Note or Facebook Share button after the successful payment page so that the client can share their experience or give testimonial.

    This additional features would be really great if you can implement it.

    Regards & Thanks.

  542. in4fun:

    just to let you know

    the installer shows version 2.5.1 on screen
    hope that’s not the case….

  543. in4fun:

    OK, it’s confirmed that it’s the actual version, the author just didn’t update the installer text

    is it possible to have the client panel look like the admin panel (the one with blue tabs)?

  544. nrodrz:


    Can you add products or items to invoice?


  545. Spaniard29:

    the author is not providing any support at all. no response to any emails, and evato only says authors are not rquired to provide any support. bought this item, has 2 major flows and there’s no support available, so watch out.

  546. Mech:

    I don’t see how this script is at all attractive with that demo? Is this an example of coders not understanding marketing?

  547. designsoft:

    Demo doesn’t work.

  548. designsoft:

    Please reinstal.

  549. NuImageCreations:

    Demo isn’t working.

  550. ouassim95:

    Hi can i see the demo please?

  551. jonidfld:

    Just downloaded this and installation went perfectly. Unfortunately thou, i get a 500 internal server error when i go the admin page to login. Any help?

  552. jonidfld:

    Update: Got a refund on this as no support from the author and it didint work outta the box. Shame. Do not waste your time or money. =(

  553. brideia:

    After installation I could not access the admin page, appears the following error 500 internal server error, could you help me? I have done several test and not found the error .. I look forward to.

  554. prototype_studio:

    where is the DEMO ? links aren’t working!

  555. GHSORG:

    Can this system support multi-companies?

  556. LiNez:

    Hi, It´s possible add more than one admin (other profiles)? Example: user, admin, clients, etc.

  557. quosmo:

    i just bought this, but the DEMO links were not working. the screenshots clearly show invoice taba and an invoice preview screen, however this is very misleading as after installing it i find that i need to upload my pre-rendered invoices from another program (such as exported pdf??). weird … quite disappointed actually.

    also, i had to add error_reporting(0); to the config file, as on my system i was getting strange outputs everywhere.

    also, i can not add a client, i get the error that the client already exists and yet i have zero clients in the database (fresh installation).

    looks good, but turns out i probably wont be using this, its not what i was looking for.

    get your DEMO function working, that really is unfair to us as i would not have decided to purchase if i could run your demo (and that this is in your favor is misleading and dishonest).

    sorry for the negative sounding comments, it just my honest experience of it.