1. bbioonThemes: Congratulations, Very Nice Work GLWS
  2. digitalcenturysf: Kudos! GLWS – DCSF
  3. AZ-Theme: ~ Nice Work ~ GLWS
  4. wbrenner: I believe there’s something wrong with the demo. Images are not loading…
  5. szthemes: Congratulations!
  6. janxcode_team: Great job. Impressive design and functionalities. Good luck with the sales
  7. ThemeCuriosity: Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale
  8. abit04c: My client has purchased the theme. And I installed it, but I could not find data files to import demo. You can check? in demo folder: http://prntscr.com/crx656
  9. joomlastars: Congratulations! Excellent Work, GLWS
  10. babakzoltan: Nice job! The portrait photos are cutted to landscape. Is it possibile to turn it off?
  11. Jenkinslaw: Hello there is no demo content? Please help
  12. wakejumper731: Hey, this theme looks awesome and I recently Purchased it and installed it on my multi-site. however there seems to be some issue with it. when I go to create a gallery in post. I scroll down to the “dundee gallery post format” option and click upload. then in the lower left corner it says “javascriptvoid(0)” and nothing happens. could you please advise me on what to do here as this pretty much makes the theme non-functional.
  13. ngomjnhthj: