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GoodShopping is a universal theme for online shopping, as you see big online stores like Amazon, Ebay etc. I tried to redesign a template which would include great design and which would be very easily for the buyer to buy and the seller to sell. The great thing in this template is that it isn’t having extra scripts and over animations, it’s just like decent template for online shopping. This template comes in four different color schemes, suitable for your different subjects, like you’ve opened a departmental store, you can add things to it and sell it. Also We’ve made a special template for Electronic stores, for nowadays Smartphones, Gaming Stuff etc. In order to customize the colors, as we all know, the main file is main.css file or ui.css, written as you like. If you face any problems, feel free to contact me, I’m ready to help at any moment.

  1. AnderWorks:

    Best of luck :)

  2. borninmotion:

    Crazy ! Responsive will be awesome !

  3. louiejie:

    awesome work! Good luck :)

  4. louiejie:


  5. OpenThemer:

    I see you got accepted, really nice work! GLWS:)

  6. AnderWorks:

    yeah, he got accepted by me, He had grammar mistakes in his documentation, so I edited them, and sent him, he got approved :) he should thank me for his first template ;)

  7. AnderWorks:

    Thank you so much, bro

  8. AnderWorks:

    Anytime bro ;)

  9. Spadow:

    Your animated banners on the front page are just gorgeous. Is it possible to buy them without buying the whole template? :(

  10. Spadow:

    Hi! I’ll give you a free banners, send an e-mail [email protected]

  11. AlanArmanov:

    krasava) horoshaya rabota =) GLWS!

  12. AlanArmanov:

    Spasibo, priyatno videt’ sootechestvenika )

  13. AlanArmanov:

    aha) vzaimno) podpishus ka na tebya)

  14. rmdesarrolloweb:


    I love your templete its look fantastic.

    I have a doubt im a noob in ecommerce and that stuff i have some skills in web design but i dont know how to make that “add to cart” stuffis work is it all ready programed?

    I will love to buy this template but i will need some help in that.

    Nice work and sorry about my english Im from Mexico :D

  15. rmdesarrolloweb:

    Hello! You need to update your account on this page Then click “Purchase”

  16. Basoleg:

    Ahah russkie komenty!!! Rabota realno mega!!! Ochen krasivo!! Jelayu uspehov v etom dele!!!

  17. Basoleg:


  18. mathfrick:

    the image product slider seem not working…

  19. ringochau:

    Hello, Can we use this template in eBay listing? Thanks!

  20. 2FAN:

    Tupo spezdil design u AERO@ =))

  21. sureelectronics:

    Hi, is that possible to make the listing template to be used on ebay??

  22. VIC_SALMA:

    Hi! first off all tank you for this awesome template!! Could you give the code to make the image product slider work? Thanks in advance.

  23. VIC_SALMA:

    Hi, please email me at [email protected]

  24. samaraki:

    Would these themes work in eBay listings?

  25. samaraki:

    I’m not sure