Kinder - Moodle Theme Download

login: user1
pass: 8VHVXcZW!

- Moodle: 2.5;
- Skeleton Grid;
- Cross-Browser (tested on Chrome, Firefox, IE8+, Opera and Safari);
- Five color schemes;
- Slit Slider;
- Exclusive frontpage with Featured Courses, custom banner, exclusive linkbox and more;
- Exclusive footer modules resources;
- Exclusive login page;
- 13 social media icon.

v1.1 – October 13th, 2013

- PSD Included.
v1.0 – September 28th, 2013

- Envato Oficial Release.

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  1. themeslust:

    Nice work GLWS

  2. themeslust:

    Thanks a lot! :)

  3. MoonStar:

    Looks great.. GLWS ;)

  4. MoonStar:


  5. DanielBurns:

    Is it possible to sell courses or site subscriptions with Moodle?

  6. DanielBurns: Hi, you can read about this at: We hope to help you.
  7. DanielBurns: For Moodle 2.5
  8. LordYGG:

    Awesome design! GLWS!

  9. LordYGG:

    Thanks for the comment!

  10. tranmautritam:

    Good work bro! Good luck to you!!!! ;)

  11. tranmautritam:

    Thanks for the comment!

  12. AirTheme:

    Good theme! Good Luck with Sale! :)

  13. AirTheme:

    Thanks for the comment!

  14. nonar:

    I cant see the image in Slideshow and logo i put the link ( URL ) and i dont see it

    whats the problem ??

  15. nonar:

    Hi, do you put the link with prefix http:// and saved the alterations?

  16. nonar:

    yes ..

    i put it with http:// and without it …

  17. nonar:

    The images have any kind of access permissions? Can you send me image link to I test?

  18. nonar:
  19. nonar:

    Hi. We set the images in slides and worked fine, below a image of settings panel:

    Two details, is necessary to follow documentation recommended of image size in slideshow “Recommended size: 960×369” to have a best design and your link of image 5 is broken.

    We hopeful to helped you, anymore doubts is a pleasure help you! Please, rate us with five stars.

  20. ebarlason:

    Hi! i really luv your log in`s great!!

    but i have some questions before i buy your theme.

    1.Question: there is no gallery or portfolio. so how can i create my own gallery and slideshow of a pictures.

    2.Question: i coulndt see your shortcodes. if i want to add a section called as our team. what should i do?

    thanks in advance


  21. ebarlason:

    3. question: i would like to know if the theme supports a contact menü? from where the customer can send me eamil and see my adress from google map.

    thanks in advance


  22. ebarlason:

    Hi. Unfortunately Moodle currently is powerless compared wordpress, so Kinder not have any these itens. We will work at new features in future updates, but now, Kinder not have. Sorry.

  23. nonar:

    Regards, .. Why show the picture is not in the middle … I used the basic size .

  24. nonar:

    Hi. According documentation, the recommended size for images of slideshow is 960×369.

  25. nonar:

    Welcome I apologize for the inconvenience But the size of the image is 960 * 369

    Is the problem due to the direction of the magazine (from right to left)
  26. nonar:

    Sorry, we don’t understand your last doubt.

  27. nonar:

    sorry but i do not speak english >>>

    i put the pic .. in my moodle >>> but the pic did in the middle of slider >>>

    this is what i see and this is the pic with 960 * 369 size
  28. nonar:


  29. nonar:

    this is my site >>>> you can see the problem

  30. nonar:


  31. nonar:

    Hello! We apologize for the delay. We could not find the error you introduced us. In the link you sent us ( ), the theme was displayed correctly.

    Could you tell us what browser and version you are using? Furthermore, we would like to know what is the screen resolution in which the error occurs.

    Sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to help you. Thank you.

  32. nonar:

    Try activate the ‘Theme Designer Mode’ and refresh frontpage. This works commonly.

  33. nonar:

    We hopeful to helped you, please rate us with five stars!

  34. nonar:

    Screenshot of how we see your Moodle:

    See in full size

  35. nonar:

    hi .. and thank you for Reply

    I have windows8 with internet explorer 10 ( Arabic ) ( resolution 1080 * 1920 )

  36. nonar:

    Hi. This ‘error’ is because RTL orientation, you can fix it in file ‘style/slider.css’, at line 121, altering ‘width: 100%;’ to ‘width: 561px;’.

  37. nonar:

    Well done … Now works nicely .. And worth five stars. Thank you for your cooperation

  38. nonar:

    Our mission is make our customers pleased. You’re welcome!

  39. audev14:

    Nice work!

  40. audev14:

    Thank you! We appreciate your comment. :D

  41. jorgea13:

    excuse my bad English Install the theme but I have two problems: 1) I can not see the sections “Footer” and “Footer modules” 2) In the Frontpage section see the “Slideshow” and “Linkbox” but not displayed “Featured courses”

  42. jorgea13:

    In moodle where I put pictures of featured courses

  43. jorgea13:


    1)In settings panel you have the tabs of Footer and Footer Modules. If you don’t see this, please send us an screenshot.

    2)You need activate the show Featured Courses and choose courses to be Featured. All in Kinder settings panel. You can read more details about how to do in documentation.

    We hopeful to helped you, please rate us with five stars! (:

  44. jorgea13:

    I can not display images featured courses. I enabled in the Kinder settings panel Show featured courses and I selected the courses. But not where I put pictures of each of the courses featured to appear on the frontpage. Also look at the Moodle course settings but I not found

  45. jorgea13:


  46. jorgea13:

    Hi, sorry the delay.

    You should put image of featured courses on Moodle Course settings on ‘Course summary files’.

    We hopeful to helped you, please rate us!
    Thank you! (:

  47. jorgea13:

    When viewing the page with the Safari(v 6.0.5 mac and v 5.0 windows) browser, the images of the slide are larger, with the other browsers display correctly. I tested on multiple computers and the result is the same

  48. jorgea13:

    Can u send us a screenshot?

  49. jorgea13:

    screenshot safari , screenshot firefox , screenshot template settings . The three slides are displayed like. The size of the images is 960*369

  50. jorgea13:


    File: style\slider.css
    Line: 117~119


    -webkit-box-sizing: content-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: content-box;
    box-sizing: content-box;

    -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
    -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
    box-sizing: border-box;

    We hopeful that this helps you, please rate us with five stars.
    Thank you! (:
  51. jorgea13:

    thanks for your reply. I’ve made ??the change in the css but still the same

  52. jorgea13:

    Do you activate ‘Theme designer mode’?

  53. jorgea13:

    Thank you, Nice Work and support!!!

  54. jorgea13:

    Thank you! Please, rate us with five stars! (:

  55. ijinkan:

    When attempting and completing a quiz, the confirmation buttons and text have not been rendered correctly by the theme, so they are in the way and ugly. Can you fix this? Thanks.

  56. ijinkan:

    Your screenshot image is offline , sorry.

  57. ijinkan:

    I just looked at the website, and the image is available. What happens is the confirmation buttons in the quiz, for starting the quiz and completing the quiz, block other areas. The buttons don’t render in the correct location in the quiz. The theme needs to be modified to render these buttons correctly.

  58. ijinkan:

    Can you send us a screenshot of entire page where that happen?

  59. ijinkan:

    You can log in at this website: Your id is guest and password is guest. When you attempt the quiz you will find the confirmation button in an incorrect position, and when you submit the quiz you will again notice the confirmation button blocks other areas of the theme. These need to be fixed, or the quiz mod will not be useful with this theme.

  60. ijinkan:

    By the way, the password for the quiz is car

  61. ijinkan: Hi

    File: ‘style/core.css’
    Insert this code at end of file:

        background-color: #FFFFFF;
        border: 1px solid #CCCCCC;
        padding: 10px;
    #confirmdialog button{
        margin: 5px 5px 0 0;
    #confirmdialog .container-close{
        display: none;
    We hopeful that this helps you, please rate us with five stars.
    Thank you! (:
  62. ijinkan:

    Sorry. That still doesn’t work. I changed the code, but there is still a problem with the confirmation button position. I have set the quiz to unlimited attempts, so you can try the quiz again and see the problem. I will leave feedback after the problem is resolved.

  63. ijinkan:

    Do you activate ‘Theme designer mode’ after change this file?

  64. ijinkan:

    Thanks, that resolved the problem. Now, however, I have found a new problem when the user is set to teacher. Teacher has the ability to “add an activity or resource,” such as a quiz, but when this is selected (double click) the page is not directed to the correct page using the Kinder theme. The page should be directed to, but with the Kinder theme the page remains at I have given you teacher privileges for the guest id, password guest, so you can try adding a quiz. Thanks once again for your assistance.

  65. ijinkan:

    Hi. Please put this code at end of file ‘style/core.css’

    .moodle-dialogue-base .moodle-dialogue-lightbox{
        display: none !important;
    Don’t forget to activate ‘Theme Designer Mode’.
    We hopeful that this helps you. Please rate us with five stars.
    Thank you! (:
  66. ijinkan:

    That worked. The theme is looking good! Thanks for your help, and hope my 5 star rating will help you to sell many more products.

  67. ijinkan:

    Thank you very much!

  68. peterpapei:

    I’m trying to change the words ’’Links’’, ’’Contact Info’’ and ’’Featured Courses’’ on the footer to another language but I can’t find the php file to do so. Any help with that? Also is there a problem with the display language menu? Why isn’t displaying? I changed theme to standard and it does but when I choose the kinder theme it disappears. Any hint will be extremely helpful.

  69. peterpapei:


    To you change those texts:

    File: renderers.php
    Line: 26

    “Contact Info”
    File: renderers.php
    Line: 48

    “Featured Courses”
    File: renderers.php
    Line: 202

    Our themes not display language menu by default, you can add the language menu where you wish with code:

    <?php echo $OUTPUT->lang_menu(); ?>
    and clicking in Site Administration -> Language -> Language Settings -> Show language list
  70. peterpapei:

    thank you very much.. I checked that file but I couldnt see it. Thanks a lot, perfect support 5 stars from me