NewsSetter - News, Technology & Reviews HTML Theme Download

This magazine HTML theme will be perfect for your technology reviews or gadget articles website. Oozing modern design, this responsive theme is a pleasure to use and to look at.

The HTML theme sports a few different styles of headers, 4 specially made colour variations. Also, the “Review” pages are a sight to behold, because of their nice flowing layout and modern style. Of course, there are short codes available and many more useful pages that make this theme one of our most complete one to date.

Read FAQ for more details

IMPORTANT: Support is offered exclusively on our Dedicated Support Forum not here in the comments section. We do however answer pre sale questions in the comments so feel free to ask them.

Key features:

  • Comes in 4 color variations: (Black, Blue, Red, Green)
  • Responsive design optimized for tablets and smartphones (resize browser and hit refresh to check it out)
  • Working contact form
  • Cross browser optimization (IE7, IE8, IE9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • Premium design
  • Google Web Fonts custom fonts

The package contains:

  • 20+ HTML 5 valid files for each color variation
  • 14 Photoshop files used to create the HTML theme

Stay tuned to our work on:

  1. CanYigit:

    Nicw work mate! Good luck.

  2. Cookieh:

    Wow Stunning Theme ! =O

  3. Creativeartlab:

    Great Theme

  4. Shrewski:

    Wow, this theme is amazing. Please make for WordPress :)

  5. Shrewski:

    Thanks for the feedback. It is available for WordPress (can’t share link here).

  6. Koder:

    Stunning indeed. Will you be making it for WordPress? PLEASE do. All the best.

  7. Koder:

    We did already, can’t share link here unfortunately. It is easy to find though.

  8. ronflash:

    Absolutely fabulous! 6 stars…. :-))

  9. ronflash:


  10. nmmateam:

    Fantastic work – really nice . Good luck!

  11. nmmateam:

    Ty ;)

  12. houruoha:

    Would Love Wordpress! fully customizable via Widgets

  13. houruoha:

    It is available, not here, but can’t share the link due to Envato policies. Send us an email and we’ll pick it up from there.

  14. kapritgio:

    i would also like to find it for wordpress, please let me know

  15. kapritgio:

    You’ll have to search for it on your own. I can’t share a link here due to Envato policy.

  16. dndgh:

    Please, send me the link for wordpress

  17. dndgh:


    Sorry can’t do that because we’d violate the terms and conditions of Envato. If you really want the WP theme, it is easy to find :)

  18. kapritgio:

    i cant find it sorry

  19. kapritgio:

    i’m sure a google search will get you the answer.

  20. Deekor:

    I love the Theme. How much functionality is included in this HTML package? Will the JS files for the lightbox etc be included?


  21. Deekor:

    Hey, all the files and functionalities your see on the HTML demo preview are included. Lightbox JS files as well, of course.

  22. Deekor:

    Purchased. I am using this HTML to build a Ruby on Rails app. Everything is going very smoothly, the files are all very well documented. Thanks!

  23. niceman:

    How difficult would it be to use with Expression Engine 2.5.0?

  24. niceman:

    You’ll have to implemented that your self or hire a developer. It can be done if you have the necessary skill set. Not a piece of cake though. Hope this helps.

  25. niceman:

    I would have to do it my self, have a fair knowledge about HTML and PHP.


  26. niceman:

    if you need help, we are always available on the Support Forum (

  27. pantunes85:

    The top slider in the homepage is not working properly in your demo page, its not always filled with images, only shows one sometimes or two, etc…

    Is this just on the demo page or is it a regular problem?

    Maybe because the images are of different sizes? If they are all small or all large this should not happen… or maybe its just the demo page, but this is keeping me from buying the theme :(

  28. pantunes85:

    odd, please help me replicate the issue, I can see the slider just fine. We’ll love to solve it to let you purchase the theme :). Thanks.

  29. pantunes85:

    I figured out what it was… its related to the browser zooming since I browse in 120%, but that’s ok. I do have another question regarding the WP version, is there a .po file or is it ready for translation? Thanks!

  30. pantunes85:

    yes, the WP version on our site comes with .po file and is ready for transaltion.

  31. Mannbej:


    Can you create the Cool Menu and all other features in the Wordpress version or is it limited in any way?

  32. Mannbej:

    yes it can be done with mega menu and we are planning to implement it in the future in the WP version (that is not available here unfortunately)

  33. ecigdeals:

    Hello I didn’t realize how much work this was! Would you issue a full refund if I bought the WP version instead? =)

  34. ecigdeals:

    We can give you a discount for the HTML, we don’t have control over refunds here. Give us an email from our profile page and we’ll pick it up from there.

  35. ImAnurag:


    It’s a nice theme, love the layout. I have a few questions, if possible answer them.

    1 – How to remove that “NewsSetter” logo in white at the bottom of page, This is the image code – but where it is located actually, didn’t find it in footer.php ???

    2 – How to create the “Mega Menu” style…which comes on the label “Cool menu and Games” in demo ?

    3 – Is there a way we can add some Footer Copyright text like “All rights reserved”? where to add such kind of content…In footer section is asks for footer shortcodes.

    Please help/

  36. ImAnurag:

    please contact us on our Support Forum at and our support team will help you out in no time. Posting there it’s easier for everyone to follow, thx!

  37. pirate:

    I purchased the newssetter theme. I tried uploading the zip through wordpress and it doesn’t work. I found some info that says you have to unzip and find the newssetter file, zip that and upload it through wordpress. There is no newssetter file in the folder. Please help.

  38. pirate:

    As its title implies, this version of our theme only the HTML, it is NOT a WordPress theme. The WP version is available exclusively on our website (can’t post link here). If you are still interested in the WP version, we can get you the money back for this HTML purchase.

  39. Mariela1327:

    “Are you sure you want to do this” Error appears when uploading Theme.. I select “Please retry” error continues. theme cant be uploaded.

  40. Mariela1327:

    the template you bought is the HTML version (as its title implies) and NOT the WordPress version. The WP is available exclusively on our website – contact us if you are interested and we can get you a discount to cover for the money spent here.

  41. Mariela1327:

    Please That would be appreciated as I would like to purchase the template

  42. Mariela1327:

    please send us an email at hello at themefuse dot com and we’ll send you the voucher code there.

  43. rsnrsn:

    Hi! Nice design! But i need two features for my blog: 1. Users voting each post 2. A list sorted by votes (ranking) is it possible? thanks!

  44. rsnrsn:

    This is a HTML theme, it doesn’t work in WordPress I’m afraid. We have the WP version available on our website but can’t share the link here, it’s agains the policy.

    We don’t have user voting in the WP version either but that can be easily sorted out with a free WordPress plugin. Hope this helps.

  45. techin5:

    The review ratings, how does the number get up on the image. Is that a plugin included in the theme, or an inbuilt feature?

  46. techin5:

    Only in the WordPress version, in this HTML one there is no plugin integrated with the ratings system.