OceanPlaza HTML layout Download



  • Version 1.1 Added ajax portfolio (works only on the local server or an Internet server). The work must be added to portfolio.txt, see the example in the file.

Theme is perfect for creative studios or small shops, an excellent site for your company or private website. Very easy to install and configure, quite simply customize your design. You can easily change the design of each section separately!


Fully Responsive


Valid Code W3C checked

Retina Ready

Bootstrap Framework

Revolution Slider

Parallax Effect

Isotope Portfolio

AJAX Portfolio loader

Responsive+AJAX Portfolio item pop up loader

Google Font

A ton of Shortcodes

Social Sharing buttons

Flag Counter

  1. kardosrudolf:

    Beautiful! I love it

  2. kardosrudolf:

    Thanks ;)

  3. smartshark:

    Nice work ! Can you make it with joomla back end ?

  4. smartshark:

    Sorry, only WP :)

  5. wrwipeout:

    Nice work. Your angles give a crazy effect.

  6. wrwipeout:

    Thanks! Clap effect :)

  7. webfector:

    Literally waiting to press the Purchase button. But 2 questions first;

    1. I don’t like the pink background on the corporate home page. How easy is it to change the color?

    2. Is it difficult to remove the animation from the navbar dropdowns? I do know CSS – is it a CSS animation? I also know jQuery if you used that.

  8. webfector:

    1. You need to change the color in the SSC and all.

    2. I’ll do an update without this effect. Just today in the online documentation for instructions on how you can add it to disconnect yourself. :)

  9. webfector:

    Okay. Please, do inform me a.s.a.p. when the update is ready. :)

  10. webfector: http://oceanhtml.oceanplazatheme.com/docs/ ready ;)
  11. ThemeYourWeb:

    Good work. Good luck with sale!

  12. ThemeYourWeb:

    Thank you :)

  13. louiejie:

    Great theme! Good luck :)

  14. louiejie:

    Thanks :)_

  15. sticker:

    Very nice – but the drop-down menu animation is very twitchy when first activated and the mouse is moved down immediately…

    Is it possible to turn off the custom animation and have a conventional drop-down movement? – I just feel it might prove slightly annoying after seeing it once in terms of functionality….

  16. sticker:

    I’ll do an update without this effect. Just today in the online documentation for instructions on how you can add it to disconnect yourself. :)

  17. sticker:

    ok thanks

  18. sticker: http://oceanhtml.oceanplazatheme.com/docs/ updated documentation
  19. nomenesl:

    is the shopping cart working? ready to buy it! let me know.

  20. nomenesl:

    in html layout can not work php ;) You need WordPress version: http://themeforest.net/item/oceanplaza-woocommerce-parallax-theme/5288704

  21. on2r:

    is it a working contact page?

  22. on2r:

    in the next update will work.

  23. metaGenes:

    Hi, is this a standalone HTML template or a theme for a software like WP? Thanks!

  24. metaGenes:

    is a HTML template, if you need:

    Only WP – http://themeforest.net/item/oceanplaza-corporate-wordpress-theme/5343218

    WP+WooCommerce – http://themeforest.net/item/oceanplaza-woocommerce-parallax-theme/5288704

  25. flashysite:

    Nice design!!

    How do I change the pink colour bkg? I have read the documentation and tried -

    .service_box .section-mid{ background: #00000; }

    But no luck. Where do I edit the style? style.css or theme.css ?


  26. flashysite: http://prntscr.com/1p46qc
  27. flashysite:

    thanks got it

  28. flashysite:

    Is there a forum for support for this theme? I’m trying to find out how to modify google map to use my address. thnx

  29. flashysite: http://gogetthemes.ticksy.com/

    In the current version, made ??a mistake and a field for entering addresses are not displayed! In the new update it will be fixed.

  30. flashysite:

    Hi Serzh,

    Mysteriously, the JS works fine on one server and local mamp server, and unfortunately on one particular server (client’s), the JS doesn’t seem to work.

    What do you think happens here? Any tips I should pass to my client’s hosting company?

    Thank you!!

  31. flashysite:

    I think it’s a problem with your hosting . Write to them, I think they all turn on you quickly.

  32. maricadrian:

    any updates on the fully working contact page?

  33. maricadrian:

    what happened to you with the contact form?

  34. maricadrian:

    i sent you a support email with more details. the form is not sending any emails.

  35. maricadrian:

    “The requested URL /v1/ was not found on this server.”

    Thank you for your email, I will certainly do so in the near future update.

  36. Delinda:

    Hi Serzh, Provocative, awesome template….thank you!

    My question is: How to change the icon-collapse images on the Home page. I love the effect, but need a couple of different images. I have not posted the page yet for the public, but here is the hidden link right now: www.tiganm.org

    Would suggest a portfolio page to make this really complete, but will rework the bottom of the Shortcodes page to create a similar effect.

    Thank you, Delinda

  37. Delinda:

    Thank you very much!

    that’s what I see here :)http://prntscr.com/1tdma8

  38. Delinda:

    So sorry….forgot to complete the html: www.tiganm.org/index.new.html Thanks, Delinda

  39. Delinda:

    Do not quite understand what you want to do. Can you give more details?

  40. Delinda:

    Ok, in the services section, first the slider image: slider2-21 is not showing up, nor is the div “rubik” just below it (Code lines 261-279)

    Secondly, I would like to change the four icons in the service container midsection (Code Lines 280-317): “icon-font”, “icon-collapse”, “icon-apple”, and “icon-trello”. I was supposing those icon options would be represented in the powerful panel somewhere or on your pages, but have not found them.

    Lastly, the powerful panel is presented as an admin panel, so I was deducing it should show me the design options available in the site (like fonts, color, and icon choices), but every link I try in the powerful panel only shows the favicon and apple icons. I have looked at the powerful panel both online in Firefox and offline in Dreamweaver. Please let me know what or how I am missing the obvious here.

    Thank you, Delinda

  41. Delinda:

    What kind of a powerful admin panel, you say? You bought the html layout, there are no settings and the admin panel. Admin panel with multiple settings are only available in versions of WordPress

    To replace the icons in the layout, you need to insert the name of the icons (icons list here http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/) or insert your picture.

  42. Delinda:

    Ok, understood about the admin panel, Serzh. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

    I tried the link for the icons, but got a 404. Would you please check and resend?

    Thank you, Delinda

  43. Delinda:

    Serzh, Found the access to the icons and am assuming to download the set for Bootstrap.

  44. Delinda:

    Do not quite understand what you want :)

  45. Delinda:

    HI Serzh, Sorry to be confusing…. In the last post, you sent me the following link: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/. It took me nowhere.

    So, I began to search font awesome and came up with download pages for them. Since I could not access the link you sent, I thought perhaps you wanted me to download the icons to see and change them. Then, I posted to ask which version to download (Bootstrap, CSS, etc), but that question became irrelevant when I finally realized what had happened with your link:

    First I noticed the misspelling of “font” and then I noticed the parenthesis sign was also made live in your post. I hadn’t noticed this earlier. Once I corrected the spelling and took off the parenthesis sign, I was able to get to the page you had tried to direct me to. So, my last question to you about bootstrap became irrelevant.

    Thank you for your help! and again, sorry for the confusion… Delinda

  46. Delinda:

    I’m glad! Thanks :)

  47. antoniahv:

    Hi Serzh, great template! How can I cange the Google Maps location, just by changing the Lat and Long or is there something else, it doesnt seem to be working when I cange them, so I was wondering if there was something more to it…. Thanks

  48. antoniahv:

    sorry change….not cange

  49. antoniahv:

    You need insert your address here http://prntscr.com/1y2fh7

  50. flashysite:


    I would like to have more items on ‘what we do’ section on the demo, when i click ‘more’ I was expecting that it would load more images, but even on your Demo, it just messed up the page.

    Also on Firefox, these images does not animate like in chrome and safari.


  51. flashysite:

    Fix and upload the update.

    Thank you!

  52. matthiasvienna:


    I’m very close to buy this theme, I think the Design is fantastic, however you say it is compatible with IE 8, a Browser still used my many. When I view your Demopage using IE8 it’s a mess!

    How come?

  53. matthiasvienna:

    I’m sorry, I’ll try to fix the layout in the near future.


  54. dvillalpando:

    I have the same problem that “flashysite” commented about the “What we do” section.

    The button “More” messes up the page and…

    Clicking on the thumbnails make nothing happen… There’s no modal box.

    You responded to him that this was already fixed 13 days ago but I just bought this theme yesterday and still happens…

  55. dvillalpando:

    Thank you for reminding me, today will upload the update.

  56. antoniahv:

    Hi Serzh, is there a way I can prevent the images from cutting off when viewing on iPhones? I don’t mind the height changing. Please help!! Another this is that the accordion is not working….it just makes the page jump to the start.

    Hope you can help

  57. antoniahv:

    Can you give me a link or a screenshot?

  58. antoniahv:

    Don’t worry, I handed the project in without the accordion because it doesn’t even work on the demo file I downloaded…as for the images cutting off, I solved that by changing the pictures so nothing important is cut of when viewing in iPhone.

    There is quite a bit of work needed in this theme….contact form is not working also….

  59. antoniahv:

    Contact form working. Needed for its work PHP on the server.

  60. Big_Bad_B:

    is there a joomla template like this? I am just trying to streamline my work.

  61. Big_Bad_B:

    No, not yet made ??for Joomla. You want to do? :)