PerfectBlog - Beautiful, Clean and Simple WordPress Blog Theme Download

PerfectBlog – Beautiful, Clean and Fast WordPress Blog Theme

PerfectBlog is a fast, beautiful and clean Premium WordPress Blog Theme with many usefull built-in features, flexible customization and amazing performance. Its all-in-one sollution for your Personal Blog, Portfolio or Shop. You don’t need a bunch of heavy plugins anymore – PerfectBlog got many usefull native (speed-optimized) features such as:

  • Scroll-to-Top Button
  • Photo Viewer Lighbox
  • BreadCrumbs
  • Post & Comments Likes
  • Post Views Counter
  • Sticky Navbar & Sidebar
  • Social Share Buttons and Social Profiles
  • Related Posts Carousel

Theme Overview

Main Theme Features

  • Speed Optimized. All theme’s features are well-optimized and you can enable/disable any of those.
  • Retina full support. All PerfectBlog’s images got well-configured SRCSET attributes and attachments sizes providing best image quality for any screen’s DPI and performance without downloading unnecessary excessive data.
  • 2 beautiful custom widgets – About Me and Popular Posts which got many customize options.
  • 3 custom PostTypes – Video, Audio and Gallery. Attache your favorite media and show them easy on a blog view.
  • Posts & Comments Like system. Ability to like each post and use this data to order you posts by this parameter.
  • Post-Views counter. Count post views and use this data to order you posts by this parameter.
  • Built-in Lighbox – Swipebox. Nice and beautiful photo viewer. Open you full-sized photos fullscreen with galleries and mobile support.
  • Scroll-to-Top button. Easy way to come back to the page top.
  • Sticky Navbar. Easy access to your menu while browsing within a page.
  • Sticky Sidebar. Ability to stick you sidebar to the screen while scrolling not losing it at top.
  • Breadcrumbs. Provide a navigational trail for the user to easy follow back and understanding current location.
  • Social Share Buttons. Customizable buttons to share your posts in a various social networksю
  • Social Profiles. All yous social networks profiles to keep you visitors connected with you.
  • Main Page Slider. A beautiful Carousel with sortable posts.
  • Related Posts Slider. Show related-to-current posts at a bottom of a page.
  • Inside Post Navigation. Show links to Previous and Next Posts
  • Custom Logo and Custom Header Image support
  • 2 Widget areasRight Sidebar and Footer Widget Area.
  • Awesome Mobile Menu. Handy easy-to-access mobile menu.
  • Fully responsible layouts. Same great look on tablet and mobile devices.
  • SEO – Optimized Posts Headings and Meta.
  • Woocommerce ready (Navbar cart widget included)
  • Translation Ready + already translated into Russian.
  • RTL Support. Same great view with Right-to-Left layout.
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  11. avivi78888887: Hello, The home page looks great in all browsers but the posts have a Scrollbar in the bottom of the page in chrome in opera and in mobile. The posts looks good in edge. Can you help us? Thanks.
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