Simple System Status Download

This is a very simple system status script written in PHP . It uses the fsockopen function to open a connection to the designated IP address on the designated port using the TCP protocol.

If the response is positive the script will report the port/service as up. If after a specified time the query gets no response, the script will report the port/service as down.

This script is ideal for Hosting Providers/Resellers who:

  • Do not have the option of displaying their provider’s service status.
  • Do not have the programming knowledge to intergrate with their provider’s service status API .
  • Do not like the look of their provider’s status page and would like to create their own.

It’s also ideal if you have your own dedicated box, or locally hosted server and would just like a simple and easy way to view the current status of a server/port.

Just get the IP address of the server you want to query along with the port number and enter it into the script where indicated and the script will just work. You can either link to the page directly, include it in another page using PHP include or include it in your page using an iframe.

The code is extensively commented and should (i hope!) be easy enough to follow.

It uses CSS for styling so again should be easy to modify if you would like it to match your website’s design, I’ve tried to make it as simple looking as possible so it should match a wide range of site designs without requiring too much modification.

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  1. oxide-tones:

    great idea…. any ideas on how to get it to work on sites hosted on a shared server (beyond that I shouldve thought before purchasing)?

  2. Bricktop:

    Hi and thanks for purchasing oxide-tones – this should work fine on shared hosting also, as long as you have an IP address and a port number it should just work! Is it not working for you?

  3. oxide-tones:

    Unfortunately no, 2 of my sites both have the same IP. The script works perfectly, however if the shared server goes down, then both of those sites will go down (obviously).

    As I said, I shouldve thought first :)

  4. jigowatt:

    Great work, fantastic simple idea! Really useful for those who run their own servers.

    I hope we find a use for this soon, Bookmarked!

  5. webdesigndeluxe:

    You should add a line to the script so you can see the date the admin or whoever updated the issue. Great work! Will definitely buy it if you make that change :)

  6. Bricktop:

    Hi jigowatt, thanks a lot, this is my first upload to TF so really pleased to read what you said.

    Hi webdesigndeluxe, the script is really easy to modify once downloaded if you wish to add a date.

  7. webdesigndeluxe:

    Hahahaha good point. Thanks. I’ll buy this very soon :)

  8. squaredmonkey:

    This is working great!!! hehe.. i love it!!

  9. DraftBeta:

    does it work with irc servers?

  10. DraftBeta:

    Hi sufiantv,

    As long as you have an IP address and an open port it will work with anything!

  11. turn90:

    Works great. thanks :)

  12. turn90:

    Thanks marshmedia, glad you like it!

  13. DjangoS:

    Can you intergrate this in let’s say a WP page / post ?

  14. DjangoS:

    Hi DjangoS,

    Yes I’m pretty sure you could, however I’m not a Wordpress user so am unable to say for sure.


  15. DjangoS:

    I will try to figure it out, btw maybe it is a idea to make a sort of plugin for WP, I am sure that more people will buy this script then ( there are many WP users )

  16. DjangoS:

    Thanks for the purchase DjangoS and I hope you’re successful integrating this into Wordpress. I’ll look into creating a Wordpress version of this script though. Thanks.

  17. gaz492:

    How would you add the latency of the connection to it

  18. oneupnw:

    I don’t see this working for port 3389 while the site shows the port open and I can use it for remote deslktop.

  19. oneupnw:

    I don’t see this working for port 3389 while the site shows the port open and I can use it for remote deslktop.