1. mordauk:

    Beautiful! I’m loving it.

  2. mordauk:


  3. mordauk:

    I really want something to use this for . . .

  4. mordauk:

    LOL I know that feeling :)

  5. bee78:

    Very fresh and clean! Nice work.

  6. bee78:

    Thank you very much for purchasing!

  7. jtorres_mora:

    Great and useful work. Congratulations.

  8. jtorres_mora:

    Thank you!

  9. quickandeasy:

    I’m sure I’ll figure out some use for this…

  10. quickandeasy:

    Thank you very much for purchasing! Hope you find it useful.

  11. quickandeasy:

    Thanks for making it!

    gunna use it on my site I think :)

  12. quickandeasy:

    Great! Shoot us an email if there are any extra elements on the page that you need.

  13. quickandeasy:

    will do! :D

  14. WebSmacker:

    Very nice! Good luck with sales.

  15. WebSmacker:

    Thank you!

  16. rosebud:


    Easy to drop in a video in the header and lightbox sections?


  17. rosebud:


    Yes, very easy! Please contact us via email if you run into any problems. We’ll gladly help you out.

  18. HenkVanIngrid:

    It’s very, very beautiful. Except in smaller windows it messes up the lay out (well, at least in Safari).

  19. HenkVanIngrid:

    Yes, if you have less than 900px it becomes messy. But only mobile devices have that small resolutions. Even a 10” netbook has 1024px :)

  20. HenkVanIngrid:

    You’re right. Consider this bought ;)

  21. HenkVanIngrid:

    Thank you very much for purchasing!

  22. paulrozza:

    Great landing page!

    One question, is it possible to change the top bar colour (where you have the Spectaculous Logo) to a lighter or neutral colour?

    I have a green logo and am thinking it might not work on a dark background?

  23. paulrozza:

    Hi; Yes sure! It’s just one CSS color value you have to change so it’s very easy.

  24. mcurry:

    Hi, is it possible to get the slider to scroll automatically on loading?

    And how easy is it to edit layout in the slider itself?


  25. mcurry:

    Hi, yes you can autostart the slider. If you have basic HTML knowledge changing the layout shouldn’t be a problem.

  26. nheird:

    how difficult would it be to use this as a facebook squeeze / fan page?

  27. nheird:

    Hi, it certainly wouldn’t work out-of-the-box because it has to be made more narrower. But if you have reasonable HTML /CSS knowledge I guess it’s 1-2 hours of work to get everything in tip-top shape.

  28. WebDesignGuy:

    Real nice work!

    One thing I’ve noticed is that in FireFox 3.6.17 and Opera 11.52 the main image on the right side isn’t showing up at all…IE 9 I have to click the compatibility icon in order for it to show up.

    Plus, it also shows a HZ scroll in FF 3 .6.17 and IE 9 compatibility mode Some people are still using FireFox 3 :-)

    All in all I think it just needs a slight “width” adjustment and all should be fine…

    It’s one of the best landing pages I’ve seen: bookmarked


  29. WebDesignGuy:

    Hi, thank you for pointing that out! We’ll fix it!

  30. xeomueller:

    Hi, very good Landing page. But I am a little bit unhappy with the tablet PSD files.

    Can you give me the size of the ScreenPictures (Pictures in the tablets) of the big and small tablet?

    It would be easier if you provide masks (easy changing pics, no cropping needed – just moving and resize the new layer)

    so can you help me?

  31. xeomueller:

    Hi, thank you for purchasing!

    Original PSD can be found on http://www.psdgraphics.com/psd/tablet-pc-blank-screen-psd-template/ If you need any other help please contact us via email, we don’t provide support via comments.

  32. pmarsland:

    This is a lovely landing page template and I was happy to purchase and put up my website


    Thanks for your great work.

  33. pmarsland:

    Looks great! Thank you for purchasing!

  34. URGENT:

    Can this be converted to WordPress multisite theme?

  35. URGENT:

    Hi, yes it can. In fact we have it on our to-do. Should be out in 3-4 weeks.

  36. jaigouk:

    there’re some bugs. common.js file and google +1 button are generating js errors. and bottom 4 pictures are not “responsive”

  37. jaigouk:

    Hi, thank you for purchasing!

    Please contact our support via email with your site’s details. We can’t provide support via comments. And I don’t quite understand what you mean by “not responsive”.

  38. jaigouk:


    solved the js related problem. I like this template. The problems are not crucial.

  39. roozbeh007: Hello, The theme looks great, but I seem to be missing something or I might have fucked up the codes some how. please take a look at my landing page. it shows different on both IE7 and Firefox 10. they both are missing some elements. would you please let me know what you think is the problem and what is it that I’m doing wrong? Thanks. http://www.baylandtechnologies.com/landing/vita_le/
  40. roozbeh007:

    Thank you for purchasing and sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    Please contact our support via email (and send your site’s FTP details). We can’t provide support via comments.

  41. devinmarch:

    I haven’t yet purchased, however, this is by far my favorite landing page.

    Do you have the option for a pricing table within your theme? Also, is there a twitter feed option included in the documentation for this theme similar to the feed in another of your themes?

    Best regards.

  42. devinmarch:

    Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items!

    Unfortunately, what you see is what you get :) So there are no pricing tables nor a Twitter feed in this landing page.

  43. ericcone:

    This is excellent. I purchased Spectaculous and could not be happier. Thanks so much!

  44. ericcone:

    Thank you for purchasing! Glad to hear you’re satisfied!

  45. soichi:

    Hi I want to buy this but I’m curious about an earlier comment by another user that in smaller resolutions the layout is messed up. But I thought it’s responsive design/fluid grid? To me it looks like it IS responsive. Does it work well in any browser?


  46. soichi:

    Hi, thank you for taking an interest in our items.

    It’s NOT responsive, it has a fix grid. It works absolutely fine in all browsers.

  47. minttechnology:

    Hi, I am having issues with the contact form not sending. I put my email in the php script and I am getting a success box but no email shows up. Thoughts?

  48. minttechnology:

    Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    Please contact our support via email with your site details (URL, FTP username/password). We can’t provide support via comments.

  49. spinhack:

    Bought it, love it, BUT there are problems in IE9 . The corners of the “Sign Up And Get A Discount” button (and any buttons using that style) appear to have rounded corners on the black border, but the underlying green background remains square, so it shows through outside the rounded corner, which looks quite bad. Seems to be an issue in IE9 when compatibility mode is turned off.

    How can this be fixed? I really can’t deploy this for my business, it will look like I don’t know what I’m doing, and my business is web design related.

  50. spinhack:

    Hi, thank you for purchasing. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

    Please contact our support via email and we’ll see what can be done.

  51. u-do-u:

    Love this item. Just had a question. Instead of the Pretty photo modal box popping up from an thumbnail image, is it possible to have the box pop-up from a click of a button instead?


  52. u-do-u:

    Hi, thank you for purchasing.

    It’s not available out-of-the-box. It would require adding some new JS calls for the button.

  53. bestnewname:

    After button is pressed and data sent, can send button go to new url?

  54. bestnewname:

    Hi, what button are you referring to?

  55. bestnewname:

    “Send Message” After the person presses this button, I need to go to new URL I designate. Thanks!

  56. bestnewname:

    Please keep the comments clean by using the “Reply” button below the starting comment instead of writing a new comment thread. Thank you.

    No that’s not possible.

  57. bestnewname:

    After pressing “Send Message” button on form, then goto a new page/URL I designate. Rather than “Thank you for contacting us! We’ll get back to you ASAP .” popup! Or do both is fine, but must goto new page/URL. Thanks!

  58. bestnewname:

    Please keep the comments clean by using the “Reply” button below the starting comment instead of writing a new comment thread. Thank you.

    No that’s not possible.

  59. bigfootweblabs:

    Can you tell us how to autoscroll the slider please?

  60. bigfootweblabs:

    Hi, thank you for purchasing.

    Please contact our support via email . We can’t provide support via comments.

    We’d also kindly ask you to read the provided item’s documentation. In most cases it will help you resolve the issue in matter of minutes.

  61. bigfootweblabs:

    While this theme is nice, I purchased it without viewing it on mobile devices, shame on me. It doesnt work, so beware everyone. I’ve contacted the developer only to get one sentence disclaimer-type answers, not very helpful at all.

    If you view their live demo on a mobile it is also broken. While the developers claim ‘its not responsive’ one would think they would be interested in fixing the broken layout so that it’s at least functional on mobile devices.

    Poor attitude and responses from an ‘Elite Author’ Buyers beware.

    ZERO stars. Shame, because the theme is really nice.

  62. bigfootweblabs:

    Thank you for purchasing. Sorry you’re not satisfied with the item.

    This landing page is not responsive, and it’ll stay that way. As for the “poor attitude” – the scope of our support is more than clearly written on our profile page and as stated there: no modifications are a part of our support.