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About this tool:

Themecomp is an exclusive tool for creating web art products for graphic designers. If you are a graphic designer. If you don’t know coding. If you tired of stupid landing constructors. If you want to build something big / smart / scalable / super fast-loading / SEO ready / server resources considered. Now you don’t need any programmers. Everything that you designed in Photoshop appears on the web in minutes. Themecomp is your key in the adult world of web art.

Change Log:

v2.0.21 (25 Nov 2016)
- Implementation for Google Analytics was added
- Glitch element was updated
- Fixed minor bugs
- Minor bugs were fixed
v2.0.20 (21 Nov 2016)
- Major SEO updates
- Major loading speed update
- Visual Editor
v1.0.11 (17 Nov 2016)
- Fixed issue with themecomp_frame.php
v1.0.10 (01 Sep 2016)
- Initial Release