Doctor Directory - PSD Template

Medlink Direct Directory – This doctor directory is a complete medical directory with some awesome design elements. A special focus has been given on visual hierarchy and usability. The user interface has been designed carefully.

Features Include:

1) 30 plus PSD files/ 2) 2 Search result versions. 3) Well documented. 4) 1170 px width 5) Google Fonts. 6) Well Organised layers.

01_Home-Page 02_Search-Results-v1 03_Search-Results-v2 04_Doctor-Overview-Detail 05_Doctor-Services-Detail 06_Doctor-Reviews-Detail 07_Doctor-Map-Other-Centers-Detail 08_Doctor-Photos-Detail 09_Doctor-Ask-Question-Detail 10_About 11_How-It-Works 12_Blog-Grid 13_Blog-List 14_Blog-Detail 15_Dashboard 16_Dashboard-Profile-Settings-Overview 17_Dashboard-Profile-Settings-Services 18_Dashboard-Profile-Settings-Add-Photos 19_Dashboard-Profile-Settings-Add-Brochures 20_Dashboard-Job-Location 21_Dashboard-Private-Message 22_Dashboard-Appointments 23_Dashboard-Appointments-Settings 24_Dashboard-Appointments-Settings-Custom 25_Dashboard-Favourite-Listings 26_Dashboard-Invoices 27_Dashboard-Update-Package 28_Dashboard-Security-Settings 29_Dashboard-Privacy-Settings 30_Signin-SignUp 31_404-Error 32_Coming-Soon

Please note that images are just for the preview purpose and are not included in the package.

Linguini — Restaurant WordPress Theme

Linguini is a restaurant WordPress theme suitable for any kind and size of the restaurant, cafe,
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