Factory Plus - Industrial Business HubSpot Theme

Factory Plus is the best HubSpot Theme specifically made for some sectors like industry, Factories, Construction, Engineering, Machinery Business, Commodity Business, Power, Rail Business, Airplane, Ship Business, Oil & Gas Business, Petroleum websites. Not only for big sectors you can also use Factory Plus for your startup.

It offers everything you need to build an online profile for your business including about us, team, project, project details, service page, service detail, blog page, blog details, contact us, etc.

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List of Page Templates Included

  • 08 page templates
    1. Home
    2. Contact
    3. About Us
    4. Projects
    5. Projects Single
    6. Service
    7. Service Single
    8. Our Team
  • Blog
    1. Blog Post
    2. Blog Grid
  • System Pages
    1. Factory Plus – 404 error.
    2. Factory Plus – 500 error.
    3. Factory Plus – Search results template.
    4. Factory Plus – Password prompt template
    5. Factory Plus – Subscription-preferences template.
    6. Factory Plus – Subscriptions-confirmation template.
    7. Factory Plus – Email backup unsubscribe.
    8. Factory Plus – Membership Login.
    9. Factory Plus – Membership Register.
    10. Factory Plus – Membership Reset Password Request
    11. Factory Plus – Membership Reset Password

List of modules Used:

  1. Slider One
  2. Brand Carousel
  3. Contact Box
  4. Contact Form One
  5. Contact Form Two
  6. Contact Form Three
  7. Footer Widgets
  8. COntact Us Type one
  9. Counter
  10. Custom Image
  11. Faqs
  12. Project Carousel
  13. Faqs Type one
  14. image Grid
  15. Image Box One
  16. Image Box Two
  17. List Item
  18. Menu item
  19. Project Filter One
  20. Moving Background
  21. News Type One
  22. Our Team Type One
  23. Page Header
  24. Pattern Type One
  25. Pattern Two
  26. Project Information
  27. Service Carousel
  28. Service Grid
  29. Testimonial One
  30. Testimonial Two
  31. Theme Button
  32. Block Quote
  33. Section Title
  34. Video

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