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Cover image style template

   Conversion Centered Design

   File export from editor are usable in MailChimp.Header
Title Bar
1/1 Content
2/3 Right
2/3 Left
1/2 Right Feature
1/2 Left
1/2 Right
1/3 Left
1/3 Right
2/2 Catalog
3/3 Catalog
2/2 Quote
2/2 Panel
1/1 Image
List Article
2/2 Content

Modular template

Modular style template easy to realign edit content customize color or even sending your campaign directly from the builder.

Frais | Responsive Email Set

Please note

Gmail app is not support responsive yet according to
this info and
this and more info, and here about app, device that support responsive email

Not support Gmail App on Android.List of device and client that support @media quires for responsive email
Outlook is not support Background image.