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CASA is Real Estate WP Theme that offers a wide variety of options to create a listing of properties and any other eCommerce related products/services.

CASA includes 2 powerful plugins, on one hand the Booking & Reservation System Plugin which is ideal for Booking, Renting or Selling properties and on the other hand the Taxonomy & Metadata Search Plugin which allows having a fast & efficient filters of your listings

Support is available via from Sunday to Thursday (GMT+2) 6 am to 2 pm

Casa - Book or Rent Property

Please find below some of the main features offfered by Casa

Casa - Book or Rent Property


Top Features

* Taxonomy & Metadata Searching Plugin – Angular JS ($22 worth)

* Booking & Reservation System (WooCommerce) ($22 worth)

* Build with woo-commerce

* WPML Ready

* PO/MO translate ready

* Fully responsive

* Google Maps Support

* Modern Design

* Accurate Property Availability Checker

* Angular Based Accurate Property Filtering , Searching and Sorting

* Date Blocking

* Rating and Review System

* Additional Person Price Scheme

* Additional Resource Price Scheme

* Custom Booking messages and Email

* Send custom message to Property Owner

* Home page Building Facilites

Additional Features

* Custom Fields

* Auto Generated GPS

* Icons and Markers for Categories

* Drag and Drop Home Page Rearranging Facilies

* Custom Properties Search Box From 3 Diffterent places

* Drag and Drop Property Sidebar Making

* Unlimited Sorting

* Unlimited Google Fonts

* Custom Pagination


v 1.0.3 (17 March, 2015):

- Horizontal Menu
- Vertical Menu and Horizontal Menu can be set from casa option panel
- Front-end search form validation
- Booking form calendar date improvement
- Booking process improvement
- Woo-commerce outdated templates removed

v 1.0.2 (6 Feb, 2015):

- Search with Google geo-location auto complete or Search with state/country-
- Search control from backend 
- Top destination improved
- Now booking is compatible with woo-discount plugin
- Some minor css issue fixed

v 1.0.2 (16 January, 2015):

- Breadcrumbs problem fix

v 1.0.1 (08 January, 2015):
- fixed single property page breadcrumbs
- fixed rent type product unit 
- update documentation