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AiF - Ai Finance

Keep your budget balance your help you stay on track and also reduce your stress when it comes to your long-term
financial health.Feature (39 Screens):

Walkthrough: 3 Screens
Splash Screen, Login, Signup: 6 Screens
Menu Setting: 11 Screens
Add Transaction: 5 Screens
Statistics: 4 Screens
Budget: 9 Screens
News: 1 Screen

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NPAY - Wallet Mobile App

NPAY wallet is a Financial application that helps to receive super fast money via mobile phone number, and also supports payment of monthly bills such as electricity, water, internet, cable TV, consumer loans,.with just a tap.

PPAY - Wallet Mobile App

PPAY – Wallet Mobile App is kit for apps designed in Sketch.The wallet can manage money and pay bills


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Well organized Layered
Clean, Modern Layout
Compatible with Sketch
312 Mobile screens templates
Lots of UI Elements

Feature (312 Screens):